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35 grams Answer According to the American Heart Association, the average American takes in 15 grams of fiber. Several organizations recommend 25 - 30 grams a day. The American Dietetic association recommends 25 - 35 grams a day. If your intake is 15 grams or less and you want to increase your fiber intake, increase it gradually. If you jump from 15 to 35 grams a day, it may cause stomach cramping and gas.
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What is the recommended daily kilojoules intake for an adult?

It is very difficult to place a digit on how much energy one should consume daily as many lifestyle, age and genetic factors affect this however basically: the more active you

What is the recommended daily intake of fiber for a child?

The daily "Dietary Reference Intake" for fiber is 19 grams for  children ages 1-3 years old, 25 for 4-8, 31 for males 9-13, and 26  for females 9-13. Good sources of fiber i

For health purposes what is the recommended daily intake of fiber?

25 to 40 grams per day, be sure to increase your water intake as well. 25 % should be soluble (easily dissolved) 5% insoluble. The typical person eats 12 to 15 grams per day.

What is the daily required fiber intake?

Fibers as such are not required. Fibers are not digested as such and consist of little nutritional value. It is still a good idea though to eat food rich in fibers. This w

How much fiber intake daily?

It's generally recommended that most of the population consume about 25-35g of fiber per day.
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Since I do not know the reason for this question, I am giving you some work to do. Given recommendations that people's fat intake should contribute 20 to 35 percent of total f

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What is the recommended daily fluid intake for an adult?

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends that, per day,  you consume:      2 litres for Women    2.5 litres for Men      This fluid ca