What kind of Technology was in 1970?

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A lot of technology you still have today. Some you don't - in 1970, men went to the moon, which they cannot do now.

There were computers, but no personal computers. No computers on a chip. No electronic calculators. We used typewriters and sent mail on paper. No cellphones, all phones were land lines except walkie-talkie radios used by military, fire, police, and taxi. The TV signal was analog, less than VGA, and color TV was still expensive enough that a lot of folks watched black and white.

Satellite communication existed but was expensive, and so were cables under the sea. If you made an international call you generally used a human operator to set it up and it could cost you a day's salary to talk for 15 minutes.

Cars were commonplace and jet aircraft were fairly normal, but still expensive. Deregulation, which reduced prices to make jet travel common, would not happen until President Carter. Trains, boats, and trucks were similar to today except containerization was still rare, so shipping things was still expensive and slow. Clothes, food, houses, those things were not so different than today. Just, not so globalized.

Answering machines were rare and expensive. Reel to reel tape recorders were expensive and unusual, mostly used in studios. Cassettes (even 8-track) were not around yet. A small transistor radio was about the size of a paperback book. No Walkman, no boom-box. MacDonalds was very new and not found in all cities. Traffic lights were on a fixed cycle, they did not detect cars waiting. Radio was AM or FM, there were no digital technologies for voice or video, except for using digital encoding (similar to ISDN or 8-bit WAV) for some long distance lines. Aspirin was still the painkiller, and penicillin was still the antibiotic. Heart transplants had been done? Medical science was not too clear on what caused heart disease, and there were no cures for cancer apart from surgery. There was not yet a consensus that smoking caused cancer.

No nanotechnology, actually not even microtechnology. But most kinds of heat engines - steam, gasoline, diesel, jet - were almost as good as today, and so were electric generators and motors. The USA and Canada took electricity to be normal, as did most of western Europe and Japan.

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