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What paint do you use to paint over a apoxy paint on your bathroom vanity?

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They have special epoxy kits to do this! Visit Sherwin Williams or check your local home improvement stores. Usually the kit comes with the base and the activator in two separate pint cans that you will mix together. Don't try anything other than epoxy for porcelain and similar surfaces, because anything else won't work!

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Why do you use a melamine paint for the bathroom?

Answer . \nMelamine paint is very expensive as you know and they do come in colors. You don't have to use Melamine and oil based paint is just as good (although a little s

What paint should you use on your bathroom?

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How do you paint a bathroom?

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Can you use eggshell paint in a bathroom?

You can, eggshell paint is a low-luster paint, meaning that the surface is less shiny, and therefore less hard than other higher gloss paints. In an en-suite bathroom, or a

What type of paints can you use to paint over lead paint?

Any paint will adhere to lead based paint and seal it. Latex is the easiest. The lead will not bleed through and is not harmful as long as it is not flaking off. It is only ha

Can you use flat paint in bathroom?

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Is it ok to use flat paint in the bathroom?

No, not a good idea. It does not work well with steam and water vapours.

What colour paint goes well with a white bathroom vanity?

I would say black would pop that white color beautifully. The black would be a great contrast to the clean fresh white color. Then go with a black and white towel and rug set

What can you use to paint your bathroom tiles?

Many home centers sell a two part epoxy kit that you can use to paint ceramic bathroom tiles, but they are in a fairly limited selection. If you'd prefer a different color, go
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What are the most used colors to paint a bathroom?

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