What should you do if your boyfriend's friends said they thought you wouldn't fit in and it hurts your feelings even though your boyfriend likes you and says he knows you better than them?

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Who are you dating? Him or his freinds?
I went out with him and his friends for dinner im dating him please advise... this is what he told me when i was with him
You missed my point. Don't worry about everyone else or what they think. It only matters between you and him. I would be a lunatic if I took everyone else's opinion to heart. You need to consider the sources of the remarks. Bottom line have confidence, have fun, and enjoy your life.
Yeah I am I just thought why should the guy your dating tell you that if he cares for you shouldn't he protect you re any rumours ...
This site is amazing i have to say, I have never met such people who openly help you out with situations just by friendly advice thank you so much...
Your welcome. Be happy he communicated this to you. From my experience, Honest and open communication is vital to a successful relationship. Always bring up somthing that bothers you if it is important.
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