What territories were occupied by the Japanese during World War 2?

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iwo jima Guadalcanal and Wake maken attoll peleliu Okinawa thats most of them
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Which present US state did the Japanese occupy during World War 2?

\nI believe the state in question is Alaska. I remember hearing a very recent\nreport on the History Channel program which gave some information that a small\nforce of Japane

What territories did the Soviet Union occupy after World War 2?

Answer . The Soviet Union 'liberated' the following countries in 1944-45:. Poland . Romania . Bulgaria . Hungary . Czechoslovakia . Parts of Austria . Parts of

What were the Nazi occupied territories in World War 2?

I think I can remember most of the nations they occupied. The Northern Nations of Africa (which I don't know their names or how to spell them) were occupied and the German Afr