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What territories were occupied by the Japanese during World War 2?

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iwo jima Guadalcanal and Wake maken attoll peleliu Okinawa thats most of them
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What was Japanese territory lost in world war 2?

  The northern portion of Japan was lost to Russia (Soviet Union), the Islands of Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and Formosa became Taiwan; plus all of it's conquered territories thru

Was Finland occupied during World War 2?

No: fighting the Soviet Union twice during WW II, Finland lost  about 93,000 soldiers but retained her independence.

Was Germany occupied by Germany during World War 2?

Who occupied Germanyapex= rhineland Yes, Germany was occupied by Germany during World War 2. It was not until after the war that Germany was split into four parts. Britain, Fr

What territories did the Soviet Union occupy after World War 2?

  Answer   The Soviet Union 'liberated' the following countries in 1944-45:   *Poland   *Romania   *Bulgaria   *Hungary   *Czechoslovakia   *Parts o

What countries did japan occupy during World War 2?

Answer   The following countries were under Japanese occupation during w.w. two- Manchuria-Korea-parts of China-Formosa-French Indochina-Thailand-Burma-Malaysia-The Dutch