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What territories were occupied by the Japanese during World War 2?

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iwo jima Guadalcanal and Wake maken attoll peleliu Okinawa thats most of them
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Was Finland occupied during World War 2?

No: fighting the Soviet Union twice during WW II, Finland lost  about 93,000 soldiers but retained her independence.

Was Germany occupied by Germany during World War 2?

Who occupied Germanyapex= rhineland Yes, Germany was occupied by Germany during World War 2. It was not until after the war that Germany was split into four parts. Britain, Fr

What happened to the Japanese Americans during World War 2?

Due to fears of spying and sabotage, there was a general relocation and internment of approximately 110,000 Japanese nationals and Japanese-Americans to housing facilities cal

Who was the Japanese naval leader during World War 2?

Answer   The leader of the Imperial Japanese Navy was Admiral Yamamoto, i believe. The spelling may be incorrect.   its yamamota   i googled it and its Yamamoto.

What countries were occupied by Italy during World War 2?

  British Somaliland, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Libya.   Albania was self-ruled but it depended on Italy for protection. So for Italy to annex it would be a "family matter"

What did Japanese control during World War 2?

During World War 2, Japan took over Manchuria and controlled it during September 18, 1931 (called Manchuria Manchukuo after control) and parts of China during the war between

What countries were not occupied by Germany during world war 2?

In Europe Portugal, Spain (had it's own fascist regime), Switzerland, Vatican, Sweden, Finland (allowed the German troops to go through its land in order to attack the USSR th

What were the Japanese war strategies during World War 2?

Answer   The Japanese stratagy of WW2 was to win a quick victory over the only power that could stop them from complete control of the Pacific and all of its western and

Was any part of Australia occupied by Japanese troops in World War 2?

%REPLIES%    Answer   No.   MLM   Answer   Not as such...     There is reference to the IJA landing in the wilderness of Western Australia, somethi