What traditional foods that Canadians eat?

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Mainly depends where you go in Canada. Since Canada is a multicultural country , there isn't really A traditional dish. Yet, due to it's location, there are a lot of maples in the country thus making maple syrup very popular.
I only know that in the Eastern part of Canada (Quebec), around march/April ,the "sugar season" takes place. Most families go to the "sugar shack" where is served a traditional diner similar to those of the peasants of the colonization era: beans, ham, salted bacon, potatoes, omelet, sugar pie and pancakes (certainly a recent addition). All those dishes being served with maple syrup.
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What do Canadians eat?

They eat what everyone else eats, hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, sandwiches, salads the usual really. since i am canadian yes they do eat hambergers and fries and hot dogs but they also eat poutine which is fries covered in gravy and curb cheese and on christmas they eat a bush and sugar pie and pudd (MORE)

What traditional foods do people in Israel eat?

Israel is a melting pot of Jewish people, and does not really have native traditional foods. Traditions come from every country in the world. Some of the most popular foods are falafel, hummus, shawarma, and shnitzel, but all of these foods have orgins in other countries.

What sort of traditional food do Italians eat?

they traditionally eat pasta, rissoles, pizza, salads, seafood, rich wine, bread rice ,meat, and so on. The Italians love their food and they take great pride in serving the best for you so no picking out the bits you don't like (aye). xx traditional include pizza, pasta, rich wine, raviolis, bread. (MORE)

What kind of food do Canadian people eat?

From Canada white dude 26 I eat pizza, burgers, chicken, ice cream, candy and chocolate bars, pizza pops, hungry man TV dinners, chef boyaedee pasta, fast food, fries, cheese, fruit, watermelon, apples, lobster and shrimp, eggs, bread, Doritos, fish, beef and pork

What food do Canadians eat?

In general, the same as Americans. We have fast food restaurantslike McDonald's, which serves hamburgers and fries, and TimHorton's, which has soup and bagels and donuts and stuff. Households eat pasta, rice, potatoes, bread. Breakfast includeseggs and toast, pancakes, or often cereal.

What are some traditional food that they eat in Australia?

Tasty ones! Real or stereotypical Australian dishes include: - Dampers (a doughy bread scone type thing) - Pavlovas - Meat Pies - Bangers and mash - Vegemite sandwich (mm, a personal favourite) - Anzac biccies - Tim tams & twisties! - Lamingtons - BBQ's Australia doesn't rea (MORE)

What do the Canadians eat?

Canadians actually eat pretty much the same foods Americans eat. Hamburgers, Hot dogs, fries, salads, pasta, etc. But they are well known for their "beaver tails". These are deep-fried pastries with cinnamon or chocolate. They're pretty darn tasty too. THEY EAT MUFFINS

How much food does the average Canadian eat?

Well, it depends on the eater (fat or thin) however, I'd say about 3 000 000 pounds actually on average (I know it sounds ridiculous, but I've done some research on it and found out that 3 million is really the average)

What type of food do Canadians eat?

The population of Canada is as diverse as the US, Britain, and many other countries. They eat the same foods as anyone else eats. There are some local favorites, but Canada is so big they are very different from province to province. Beef is popular in Albert, fish and game in British Columbia, Fren (MORE)

What are traditional Canadian jobs?

Historically Canada's traditional jobs include: Fishing Farming mining lumber milling - not sure the correct title - cutting down trees and milling them

What are the traditional foods that Muslims eat during Ramadan?

During Ramadan there aren't really any traditional foods. I know that most of the Middle Eastern (Egyptians) break their fasts with mango or guava juice but many Muslims accompany the juice with dates first. For breakfast, you could eat anything but it is recommended from me that you don't 'dig in'. (MORE)

What kind of food do Canadians eat?

Hot dogs, chicken, apples, burgers... (Meats, Vegetables + Fruits, Poultry, Grains, Others (Things like candy and similar) Anything you eat, Canadians eat. :)

What are some French Canadian traditions?

It depends where in Canada you are referring to. There are Quebec traditions, and then there are other French communities in Canada. Generally speaking, most traditions revolve around church or Catholicism, even if the person is not religious. One example would be on Christmas Eve, many French Canad (MORE)

Choose the fast food or traditional food?

Well.... I want to recommend tradition because it is healthy for you. I would say that it's possibly healthi er for you dependent upon what your traditional foods are. If your traditional foods are nutritionally balanced meals and mainly vegetables and fruit, then your traditional foods are (MORE)

What Food So Canadian People eat?

well whatever food we have in the cupboard. u ask u dont get it straight away And WE dont have alot in stock. well whatever food we have in the cupboard. u ask u dont get it straight away And WE dont have alot in stock

What traditions do Canadians have?

They like to shrink heads of goats. ----------------------- Some may well like to shrink the heads of goats. That is a tradition, we don't force our traditions on others and accept that there are many different traditions (within limits). We have a tradition of letting others be. This is a l (MORE)

What is the traditional food they eat in Palau?

\nThe main food cultivated is taro with other foods such as sweet potato, tapioca, bananas and breadfruit being an important part of the diet.\n. \nSource: http://www.janesoceania.com/micronesia_palau/index.htm\n. \ncoconuts, copra, cassava (tapioca), sweet potatoes; fish\n. \nSource: https://w (MORE)

What are some Canadian traditions?

The local customs and traditions in Canada were brought to the country by the millions of immigrants and were part of the native culture when these people arrived. One of the traditions that Canada shares with the US is the celebration of Thanksgiving. This is a holiday in the country that is held o (MORE)

What traditional foods do athletes eat in America?

In response to increased levels of cholesterol and a greater risk of heart disease---or for countless other reasons---many Americans are making the switch from a diet dominated by hamburgers and hot dogs to one of veggie burgers and tofu. But is this type of diet a wise choice for athletes who n (MORE)

What are Canadian traditions for Christmas?

Like anywhere else, every household has different customs and traditions for Christmas. In my family (I'm Canadian) we always have Tortiere on Christmas eve. Tortiere is a meat pie, originally made with venison, but now is just ground beef. Also on Christmas eve, we open one present, just as a prelu (MORE)

What is traditional foods?

Traditional foods are foods that are unique to a certain culture, such as sushi for Japan, and spicy crayfish dishes for Louisiana.

What traditional food do Scottish people eat?

They say Haggis, but that isn't exactly true these days. Scottish people do quite a bit of farming...and like most "Europeans" meat, fish and veggies are common staples at any meal. Shortbread is still common in most Scottish homes. Mince and Tatties is a favorite as well.

How have Canadians kept their traditions?

By not letting others force their traditions on us. Canada is place for everyone, including Canadians. That message is often difficult to get across and we have lost many traditions, some we should have lost long ago, others we should have fought harder to keep. We keep our traditions by allowing (MORE)

How do Canadian Geese eat their food?

Well the answer is all basedon where in water they will dive headfirst to geat it,although on land hey will pick it up and lifttheir head to gobble it down.

How much European food do Americans eat tradition smariaz?

- Artificial food dye: Makes your food pretty and can inhibitnerve-cell development ... Where it's banned: The U.K., Japan, andmany other European countries ..... (like the American CancerSociety links), you'll even find much of.