What types of lawyers are there?

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Overall, Civil lawyers and Criminal lawyers. There are quite a few subgroups,
Wrongful Death Lawyer, Traffic Lawyer, Tax Lawyer, Software Lawyer, Social Security Lawyer, Securities Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer, Patient Lawyer, Nursing Home Lawyer, Mesothelioma Lawyer, Medical Malpractice Lawyer, Malpractice Lawyer, Litigation Lawyer, International Lawyer, Insurance Lawyer, Injury Lawyer, Fraud Lawyer, Employment Lawyer, DWI Lawyer, DUI Lawyer, Divorce Lawyer, probate lawyer, and sexual contact lawyer

In the UK there are primarily two different types of lawyer - a barrister and a solicitor. See the related link entitled "litigation solicitor UK" for a description of both. but also there are primarily two different types of law that can be practised by a lawyer - contentious and non-contentious.

Contentious law - include things such as personal injury and criminal law. There are two sides and the interests of one side oppose those of the other and can often result in litigation and a trial.

Non - contentious law include conveyancing and probate. The two sides have the same goal. For example in probate - the goal is to administer and estate and in conveyancing to buy and sell a property.
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