What variables in turbo C?

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There are mainly 3 types of variables in c. Integer, Float and character :)
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Difference between a variable vane turbo and non variable vane turbo?

Answer . Vanes inside a turbocharger control the acceleration of gases inside the turbo and thus the speed at which the turbocharger itself can accelerate the compressor a

What is turbo c?

Turbo C was a type of compiling program suite for C programming byBorland for the Integrated Development Environment. It was a smalland fast type of programming that was affor

What is turbo c variables?

Turbo C variables are memory place holders for storage of data during the execution of a Turbo C program. Types of variables include integer, real and char.

What are variables in C?

variable is must start with letter or ( _ ) under score ex : int a; means a is a variable we can store value on it

Why you have to declare variable first in turbo c?

All variables (and constants) must be declared before they can be used. This is so the compiler knows exactly how much memory to allocate to the variable, as the declaration t
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Why turbo c language is called turbo c?

Turbo Pascal and Turbo C were early programs written by Borland for the IBM PC. They were compilers for Pascal and C, respectively, that ran much faster than other compilers f
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Does turbo c and c?

Turbo C is an old variant of the C language, called Turbo because it compiled very quickly compared to the other compilers of the day. It is / was a full featured C language,