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What were the strengths and weaknesses of the Union and the Confederacy in preparation for the Civil War?

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Union Advantages:
  • Banking, Factories, Ships
  • Experianced Government
  • More railroads to transport supplies, equipment and men.
  • Large Navy
  • Larger Population; 22 million to 9 million
 Confederacy Advantages:
  • Trading with Europe
  • Best Military Officers
  • Long Coast lines make it difficult to blockade
  • Fighting on own soil
  • Land in South is heavily wooded making easy ambushes and retreats
 Union Disadvantages:
  • Not in complete agreement over the abolition of slavery
  • Lost alot of good officers to the South
  • Going into unknown lands
 Confederacy Disadvantages:
  • Small Navy
  • Long Coastline hard to defend
  • Little industry and factory production
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