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What would cause water to seep out from under the toilet bowl onto the floor when the toilet is flushed?

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2 things 2 things. Thing 1 - you have a partial clog somewhere in your pipes, this is why the water is backing up in the first place. Thing 2 - the wax seal under the bottom of your toilet (you can't see it because its UNDER the toilet) is broken. Buy a new one at home depot and install (very easy, I've done it before without any prior knowledge) AFTER you have the clog removed. Try sticking a water hose as deep as possible into your outside tap leading to your plumbing - then turn it on full blast. This works for me every 8 months (stupid dry texas!). if the lines are not clogged, you need a new wax ring Answer I had a problem similar to this. I changed the wax ring several times, but after a couple of months it would happen again. I snaked it myself a few times, but the problem came back a couple months later. Had Roto-Rooter out, but the problem came back a couple months later. I installed a brand new toilet (with wax ring), but the problem still came back. The best advice I can give is to get something that will prevent roots from coming back into the main sewer drain. Roots always seemed to be the one thing I could pull out of the drain when I snaked it.
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What would cause a toilet to make high pitched sounds after it has been flushed and the water is filling back up?

The ballcock is bad. Replace it. ANS 2 - It's inexpensive and easy to replace with new style fill valve. Ballcocks are inefficient and prone to problems. Go to any 'big box' s

When flushing toilet upstairs toilet in basement overflows from bottom onto basement floor?

There is a blockage in the waste line. Have you flushed the basement toilet to see what happens? Try running the upstairs shower and see what happens. (use two persons , one u

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My experience is when you flush the toilet, the fill valve opens and starts re filling the tank......sometimes if the water pressure is too high, it will "whistle". Close your

Where does the water go when you flush the toilet?

Depends on a number of factors.. In most homes the waste goes into the sewer system, where it is processes and sanitizes.. In many it will go into a septic tank, where biolo

What would cause the toilet to flush by itself?

It is probably not flushing, just the tank filling. The flapper in the bottom of the tank is not sealing completely letting water seep into the bowl. When it enough drains o

Why would a toilet bubble and not flush?

It is plugged. Get a plunger and unplug it.

Why would the toilet on the main floor make a bubbling noise when you flush the upstairs toilet?

  Answer     The two toilets are probably one the same drain line. Are they directly one below the other? If they are, the vent for the bottom toilet is the drain

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%DETAILS% Answer The waste line from the downstairs toilet is not  vented (or not vented properly, or the vent is plugged up).  Flushing the upstairs toilet creates a vacuum

Why would the new upstairs toilets in your house make a loud jack-hammer-like noise that seems to come from under the floor after you flush?

Answer . Your water lines aren't properly isolated. when you flush the toilet and your water lines are refilling with water it can create water hammer. This is usually wors