What would cause water to seep out from under the toilet bowl onto the floor when the toilet is flushed?

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2 things 2 things. Thing 1 - you have a partial clog somewhere in your pipes, this is why the water is backing up in the first place. Thing 2 - the wax seal under the bottom of your toilet (you can't see it because its UNDER the toilet) is broken. Buy a new one at home depot and install (very easy, I've done it before without any prior knowledge) AFTER you have the clog removed. Try sticking a water hose as deep as possible into your outside tap leading to your plumbing - then turn it on full blast. This works for me every 8 months (stupid dry texas!). if the lines are not clogged, you need a new wax ring Answer I had a problem similar to this. I changed the wax ring several times, but after a couple of months it would happen again. I snaked it myself a few times, but the problem came back a couple months later. Had Roto-Rooter out, but the problem came back a couple months later. I installed a brand new toilet (with wax ring), but the problem still came back. The best advice I can give is to get something that will prevent roots from coming back into the main sewer drain. Roots always seemed to be the one thing I could pull out of the drain when I snaked it.
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When Installing The Toilet Back, Get A Straw Cut It In Half. Put One Over Each Of The Bolts Then Guide The Straws Into The Holes For The Bolts. This Works Great And Saves Time

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Sound like you have a clogged toilet and or a clog in your main drain under your toilet. Shut off water supply to toilet remove water from toilet tank. Puchase a wax ring for

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My g/f has this happen to her regularly and, it was only when Iasked that she said she usually flushes once to get the flushworking and then immediately after to make certain