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What would seasons be like if earth's axis were tilted at a higher angle more than 23.5?

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The seasons would be more extreme, as in higher high and lower low temperatures. There would also be an increase in weather severity.
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What might be the effect on seasons if the earths orbit became more elliptical and at the same time the angle of the tilt of Earth's axis increased?

A lot would depend on "How much?" additional tilt and eccentricity of the orbit. The Earth's axis of rotation is currently 23 and change degrees "tilted" to the ecliptic, the

What would e the effect on Earths seasons if the axis were tilted at 28.5 instead of 23.5?

The seasons would intensify, and the Summer would be hotter, and the Winter be colder. This would make for a completely different environment, since the change would be larger

What would happen to the seasons if earth's axis tilted in the opposite direction?

Every thing would be the same. The seasons, and the order of the seasons, would be the same. The only difference would be that the seasons would be 1/2 year out of phase fro

What would happen if earth's axis changed from a 23.5 degree tilt to a 40 degree tilt?

The seasons would be more pronounced, i.e. the summers would be hotter, and the winters colder. The incidence of EM radiation would not change but its distribution would, muc

How Earth's tilted axis is responsible for seasons?

earths axis is responsible for seasons because if its tilted toward the sun then it would be summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern now if it was tilted

What would our seasons be like if earths axis were not tilted?

your season would entirely depend on where you live, at the equator, less of the sun, the further north or south you went, the more sun, colder and at the poles, you would hav

What would the seasons be like if the earth was tilted at a higher angle?

  All places would have greater extremes in temperature from warmer in the summer to cooler in the winter then it is now. It would affect the daylight received on any part
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What would happen to Earth's climate if the tilt of its axis became less than 23.5?

Actually, the axial tilt is currently 23.44 deg and decreasing.The axial tilt is in a continuous cycle between 22.1 and 24.5 degon a 41,000 year cycle, one of the Milankovich
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What would happen to the seasons if Earth's axis were tilted?

The Earth's axis IS tilted (by about 23.5 degrees from the plane of  its orbit), and that is what causes the seasons. If it were not  tilted, there would be no seasons. If i