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When he says he loves you and buys you gifts from Tiffany's but tells you he needs space does that mean he is cheating?

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more than likely hes chaeting on you. hes just trying to buy your love and buy himself time away from you. he wants you around so he buys you things, but he says he needs space b/c he wants to go out and do whatever he wants. he wants his cake and he wants to eat it too. don't let him he is just wasteing your time. your too good for games! Answer Yep. He is cheating on you. That's not a "gift" its a "bribe". Answer Not always... most probably he is not cheating. A man just like a woman, needs space. If you are always too close to him, he will revolt or make excuses or find ways to stay away from you. A man needs spare time where he can be with his friends or think about something (sometimes issues). Give him enough space and he will always be (happily) with you.
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How do you tell a friend you need space?

Don't, it will ruin the friendship. Just when you want to be alone say you are busy, need to be somewhere, or when texting that you "g2g".

What does it mean when you go to tell your girlfriend goodbye and instead you say I love you without even meaning to say it?

It means you are going through the phase where your relationship is going to the next level, where you realize you are getting so attracted to the girl that you don't know wha

What do you do when you tell your boyfriend you love him but he don't say it back and does it mean he don't love you anymore i am worried cause he used to say it but now he don't what do i do?

The key to a healthy relationship is communication, maybe try and  have a seat with that clown and ask him whats up, just talk and if  he doesnt seem interested, hes maybe m

What does it mean if someone tells you they love you but are not in love with you?

They meant that they cared for you as a good friend would, but they  have no emotional or sexual love towards you. Trust me, I know that  feeling of being told that.   A

What does she mean when she says i love you but i am not in love with you?

it means they care for you, but they don't have that feeling yet that makes them that trully want you forever. theyre not quite ready yet. All you have to do is show that yo

What does it mean when she says she needs space?

She could mean a lot of things...She's bored of you , wants to try someone else! You annoy her more than please her. She's dating another guy and you at the same time but when

What do you do when a guy says he loves you but cheats on you?

Then he either he doesnt actually love you or he likes 2 girls @ the same time. If he cheated on you, dont stay with him!! He doesnt deserve you, and you dont deserve for him

What does it mean when guy tell you that he love you?

Some guys mean it, but others will use that line to get in your pants. If he's already been there, it means he liked it.

What does it mean when your ex tells you they love you?

Usually, it means that they miss you. If you really do love them, and miss them, too, you're going to have to accept it. It might be hard, but maybe you should try getting tog