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When he says he loves you and buys you gifts from Tiffany's but tells you he needs space does that mean he is cheating?

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more than likely hes chaeting on you. hes just trying to buy your love and buy himself time away from you. he wants you around so he buys you things, but he says he needs space b/c he wants to go out and do whatever he wants. he wants his cake and he wants to eat it too. don't let him he is just wasteing your time. your too good for games! Answer Yep. He is cheating on you. That's not a "gift" its a "bribe". Answer Not always... most probably he is not cheating. A man just like a woman, needs space. If you are always too close to him, he will revolt or make excuses or find ways to stay away from you. A man needs spare time where he can be with his friends or think about something (sometimes issues). Give him enough space and he will always be (happily) with you.
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How do you tell a friend you need space?

Don't, it will ruin the friendship. Just when you want to be alone say you are busy, need to be somewhere, or when texting that you "g2g".

Why would a married man tell you he loves you and say that if you love him you need to wait?

Answer   It means he wants you "on the side" until you decide to move on! Do yourself a favor, find a single guy you'll discover you ARE worth it!   Answer   Why

What do you do when you tell your boyfriend you love him and he doesn't say it back and does it mean he doesn't love you?

  Answer   this doesn't mean you're boyfriend doesn't love you. there are many possibilities for what he's feeling. some guys are afraid of commitment, some are afrai

What do you do when a man tells you he needs his space?

just give him the space he needs .. much better if you will gave him the Universe. ='p   Answer   In my opinion and experience, he wants to be with other people with

How do I tell my boyfriend I need space?

  Answer   I'm pretty good at these kinds of things. This advice is coming from a girl :-). I would tell him that you love (or like) him a lot, but you have your ow

If a girl says she needs more space what does she mean?

Its means that you are about to lose your girlfriend because you are too needy. Quit talking to her for a few days.. . There is A gentle way to say this but the point is: She

What does it mean when she says she needs space?

She could mean a lot of things...She's bored of you , wants to try someone else! You annoy her more than please her. She's dating another guy and you at the same time but when

What do you do when a guy says he loves you but cheats on you?

Then he either he doesnt actually love you or he likes 2 girls @ the same time. If he cheated on you, dont stay with him!! He doesnt deserve you, and you dont deserve for him

If you tell someone you love them and they say ok what does that mean?

It can mean a few different things: They're not ready for a serious commitment; they don't understand what love feels like and don't want to make the mistake of telling someon

Is telling another man you are in love with him cheating?

  Answer     If you are in a relationship, yes. If he's the only one in a relationship, you are either hoping he ends it to be with you or wanting a reciprocat

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he needs space to think and that he has a lot on his mind when one week he was telling you how much he loved you and the next he wants to take things slower?

  well guys are stupid and scared of change and stuff like that, so chances are, hes scared that hes getting tooattached. hes scared that hes gonna love you and get hurt.