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Where can you buy tires for a ford festiva?

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kumhotires.com.......located in indianapolis,indiana........
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What is the proper tire pressure for a 1991 Ford Festiva?

The tire pressure for vehicles which should be on a sticker, usually on the inside of the door, is most applicable to the original tires. You should use the tire pressure s

Ford Festiva speakers?

The stocks are 50 watts in the rear. I'm certain the fronts are 40.. 4", all the way around. 40w are in the dash, 50w are in the plastic panels just inside the hatchback.

What size tires should be on a Ford Festiva?

145sr12 is recommended. Realistically, 145 or 155 or 165 in 12's will work (I'm running 155's now). You could also upgrade to 13" rims on a Festiva, with a stock suspension

What is the tire pressure for ford festiva?

should be around 30psi look for a sticker on your door jamb and dofill the the max pressure printed on the tires sidewall, that couldlead to a very uncomfortable ride and dang

Ford Festiva horn?

located in the right wheel well behind the right side of the bumper. held on by one nut and bolt. in front of metal shield to protect from dirt. visible only after removing nu

How do I remove the radio from a Ford festiva?

what year is it i do not think it matters but at the front there is a plastic piece with the air vents at the bottom are 2 Philips head screws one on each side then it will pu

Why is a 1993 Ford Festiva cutting out?

Mine was doing that and I just replaced the fuel filter. I'd say try that... If that didn't work, it could be a number of other things. Here is something to check. I had a p