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Between the 14th and 17th centuries, beginning in Florence and later spreading to the rest of Europe.
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Why did renaissance start?

The rennaissance was massive reaction to new found educational methods such as the printing press. It was a classical rebirth in the arts and many other areas. People started

Why the Renaissance started?

The Black Death killed so many people that huge plots of land inherited or was given to poor farmers. Because of the success off the new plots of land, farmers had less time t

Where did the Renaissance period start?

There is no exact political or social event that occurred to mark the beginning of the Renaissance or the end of the Middle Ages for that matter. But a general guideline can b

Where did the Renaissance start from?

Italy. The Renaissance was a time of classicism. Meaning, that society was focussed on the classic works (art, architecture, literature, philosophy, etc) of Greece and Rome. I

Where did the European Renaissance first start?

The rich and populous cities of Italy, such as Genoa, Florence, and Venice. (IN EUROPE!!!)

Why did Renaissance start in Italy?

A- because the crusades made it the the trading center between the East and Europe. B- They had ancient ruins of the Greek and Roman world. c- The crusades brought people

What renaissance word starts with e?

There is "excommunication"and there is also "Erasmus"

How did the Harlem Renaissance start?

  The Harlem Renaissance is the term applied to the movement of African Americans from the Southern to the Northern cities during the 1920s and 1930s. the time period co

What started the Renaissance?

Most people today have absolutely no idea about the real source of the advanced knowledge and sciences that helped drag Europe out of the Dark Ages and into the light of civil

Were did the renaissance start?


When did the Renaissance start in Italy?

  Officially, the Middle Ages end and the Renaissance starts in the year 1492, because in this year Columbus discovered the 'new world', and Lorenzo De' Medici ruler of Fl

Did the Renaissance movement started in italy?

Yes , it started in Italy because it was at the crossroads of  trade, where the silk road ended.   Along with silk the silk roads brought it many people from other  land

What events happened after the Renaissance started?

The reformation. where people started to question the church and stand off into their own religions such as lutheran. This occoured because during the renaissance people start

Where and when did the Renaissance start Why there and then?

The Renaissance began in the late Middle Ages, around the  fourteenth century. While it is difficult to pinpoint an exact  starting place, the general consensus is that it b