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Where do conifers grow?

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Greece, Germany, China, India, Russia, Japan, Scandinavia, the British Isles, the Middle East, North America, Central America, South America, etc.
In other words, just about everywhere.
Conifers are simply cone-bearing trees. They include pines, cedars, junipers (which are excellent for Bonsai), cypress and yews.
You will need to be a lot more specific if you need a more precise answer. Sorry.
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Where do conifers usually grow?

Conifers can grow in almost any habitat. Most of the time when people think of conifers they think of evergreen, needle-leaf, coniferous trees like pines, spruces, and hemlock

Why can't a conifer tree grow in grassland?

Because often there is too little moisture, it's generally too windy, and the climate is too warm (shorter winters and longer summers) than what a conifer is generally used to
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Does fruit grow on conifers?

Yes is the simple answer. Have a look at Yew in wikipedia and there is a nice picture. In New Zealand the Miro has a berry about the size of a large acorn, and several of the

Where about's does a conifer grow in New Zealand?

New Zealand has a significant group of indigenous conifers, but the main plantations are of Pinus radiata a.k.a. Monterey pine. The native conifers are such as the Kauri, an