Where do immigrants come from?

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immigrants come from mountains

Why do immigrants come to the US?

immigrants come to the US because their home country might not havethe same rights economic opportunity that the US has. Manyimmigrants have also been political refugees whose

Where did immigrants come from?

Most immigrants came from Italy, Ireland, France, Austria, and Germany Through history, immigrants have come from different countries atdifferent times. All that is needed to

Where did immigration come from?

Well people have been migrating since forever! You could say "immigration" to Europe and Asia started when humans moved out of Africa, but that's probably too extreme. The mos

Why do illigal immigrants come here?

i am half Mexican born in the us so i wouldn't now personally but i think it is for a better like style such things as running water electricity sewage etc and job opportunity

Where do Mexican immigrants come from?

People immigrate to Mexico from all over the world. Most people who immigrate to Mexico come from the US . Reasons for coming to Mexico often include lower health care costs,
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Where did the Jews come from when they immigrated to the US?

1. From about 1880-1914 a. Mainly from the Russian Empire, especially from Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. b. From parts of Austria-Hungary, especially the Polish areas. c.