Where do immigrants come from?

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immigrants come from mountains

Why do immigrants come to the US?

immigrants come to the US because their home country might not havethe same rights economic opportunity that the US has. Manyimmigrants have also been political refugees whose home country hasa totalitarian government. Ever since its beginnings as a Britishcolony, the, now USA, has been seen as a la (MORE)

Why did immigrants come to Australia?

Answer . Well many of them were criminals who had no choice. They were exported to get the riff raff out of the English homeland. Many were also thrill seekers and folks looking for gold and other riches. The land down under gave off a certain allure which drew the restless who were tired of the (MORE)

Why did most immigrants come to America?

To have a chance for a better life It would mostly depend on what country. For instance, the Great Potato Famine in Ireland caused a huge influx of Irish immigrants into the U.S., but the general right answer would be the poster's before me: To have a better life.

Why did Spanish immigrants come to the US?

Actually they came because they leader at the time around 1800s were forcing religion upon them so the retreated to our country and land not to force religion upon other but to be able to freely preach how they wanted.

Why did the immigrants come to the United states?

Immigrants came to the United States throughout the nineteenthcentury to seek employment in the American industrial cities. Someof them belonged to minority groups that were oppressed in theOttoman Empire.

Where did 1920's immigrants come from?

Answer . i don't know where htey came from they used to ride on big ships over here to new york city. But we did check there eyes and the health so we wern't just leting them in with out checking them. they mostly came from south and north euope. and the was allot of them lol.

Why did Asian immigrants come to the Us?

For the same thing as most immigrants. To have a better life than they could ever have in their native countries. Here we have more freedoms and many more opportunities.

Where did immigrants come from?

Most immigrants came from Italy, Ireland, France, Austria, and Germany Through history, immigrants have come from different countries atdifferent times. All that is needed to trigger a new flow ofimmigrants is a viable way of traveling, and a definite reason toleave the home country. A lot of Irish (MORE)

When did immigrants come to America?

The Native Americans were the first immigrants to America. They are believed to have begun migrating to America from Asia about 15,000 years ago. Serious migration to America from Europe began about 1500 CE with the movement of people from Spain, and under Spanish rule, to build the Spanish Empire (MORE)

Why did early immigrants come to America?

Immigrants came to America because they were all seeking a better life of some sort. Some wanted to make money. Others wanted to escape corrupt governments and get the freedom in America. Others wanted freedom of religion. Also some came because they dreamed of life in the rapidly industrializing (MORE)

Why did Poland immigrants come to the US?

During the 1980's and 1970's and early 1990's Poland was a poor country. The communists where ruling and life in Poland was horrible. Now in days many peopel are migrating back because Poland now is a stable and not poor coutnry it is devolping quickly and is becoming a rich country.

What year did the immigrants come to America?

Immigrants have been coming to America at least since 1493. The years of greatest immigration to the United States were about 1880-1914, but immigrants continue to arrive every day.

Why did Norwegian immigrants come to US?

Norwegian immigrants went to the United States primarily in the later half of the 19th century and the first few decades of the 20th century. There are more than 4.5 million Norwegian Americans according to the most recent U.S. census,

Why do immigrants come to the US today?

Many Immigrants come to the United States because life in their original country may be hard. They may have traveled because of the need for food, jobs, houses, and really freedom. Maybe in their original home, they werent allowd to express their religious beliefs freely, so they came to America so (MORE)

Why do immigrants come to the UK?

They Come To Our Country for a number of reasons, such as: medication, education and fair rules and rights. they may also come because the country they have been living in is at war, being bullied or they have been discriminated against. there are many reasons but they don't all come along for a fre (MORE)

Where did the old immigrants come from?

The Europeans - Britain, Portugal and holland. The Arabs - Yemen The Indians and the Sinhalese - south India , north India , Sinhalese , leylon ( sir lanka ) The Chinese - Fujian , guandong , Hainan island The straits born Chinese - malaka and penang The Malays - Sumatra and riau- lingga The Malays (MORE)

Why did Chinese immigrants come to the US?

For the same reason that most people migrate: they thought that they would do better in their newly chosen country. . Answer: . In addition to the desire of the Chinese to get money in the Gold Mountain (rendered in English as Gum Shan or Gumshan) as the northwestern states and British Columbia w (MORE)

Why did French immigrants come to America and when?

The French claimed New France one year after Jamestown was founded. The French government was driven by the same impulses as the British crown, determined to keep up with the British as far as colonization of the New World. The problem was that most French citizens did not want to come to the area k (MORE)

Why do immigrants come to England?

Whilst the reasons why each individual immigrant decides to come to England may vary wildly, there are a common group of reasons: . Relatives already living in the country. . Better wages compared to home country. . Better job prospects. . Better welfare. By becoming a legal immigrant they ar (MORE)

When did the Mexicans immigrants come to the US?

That's hard to say since several parts of the US belonged to Mexico at one point. And lets not forget the when the states where in need of extra hands they let the Mexicans enter and then they would kick them out but they let them enter again. So it's difficult to say.

Where did immigration come from?

Well people have been migrating since forever! You could say "immigration" to Europe and Asia started when humans moved out of Africa, but that's probably too extreme. The most obvious forms of US immigration were the pilgrims from England and rest of Europe. After Europe its been Asians to the US a (MORE)

When did the immigrant come to US?

It is impossible to say when the first immigrants came to America. Immigrants have been coming to America for thousands of years. The Pilgrim fathers were immigrants. The people that came with Columbus were immigrants. Many other people had come to America long before Columbus and they were immigran (MORE)

How many immigrants come to Canada?

Each year about 250,000 immigrants come to Canada. The number coming in fluctuates depending on a number of factors. Assimilation and employment play a significant role in how well immigration contributes to a country. Subsequently, with regards to immigration Canada, it's important to note that a d (MORE)

What did immigrants come to the US?

Immigrants came to the US because they wanted to search for a better life and more freedom than their previous home. They came to the US because a lot of countries back then were having a Great Depression of their own and many people just wanted to find jobs so they could earn money and feed there f (MORE)

Why do illigal immigrants come here?

i am half Mexican born in the us so i wouldn't now personally but i think it is for a better like style such things as running water electricity sewage etc and job opportunity

Where do Mexican immigrants come from?

People immigrate to Mexico from all over the world. Most people who immigrate to Mexico come from the US . Reasons for coming to Mexico often include lower health care costs, warmer climate, and generally a more relaxed lifestyle.

Where did the Jews come from when they immigrated to the US?

1. From about 1880-1914 a. Mainly from the Russian Empire, especially from Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. b. From parts of Austria-Hungary, especially the Polish areas. c. On a smaller scale, from Germany. 2. From 1933-1941 Mainly from Nazi Germany and from Austria.

How do immigrants come to Australia?

They come by boat train or airplane ----------------------------------------------------------- Given the geographic situation of Australia -I am a curious about the train system that you refer to.

Why did immigrants come to Britain?

There were many reasons as for ehy immigrants came to the UK Reasons: . Children needed education . Better money . Homes from Caribbean were destroyed by hurricanes . In the 1930's - 40's the sugar industry fell . Better life!! . Some people had helped Britain in the Armed Forces ... so ca (MORE)

How do immigrants feel when they come to America?

moving to american its hard people feel , frontuated,sad scared. it verry hard to not understand people and able to comunicated with people, leaving are contrys its not esay we leave all the stuff that we be having sence we was little its a very hard process to similated to a differen language,cultu (MORE)

Why did immigrants come to US of America?

Usually for political freedom, religious freedom, money/jobs, family, and/or drought. Opportunity, land, escape religious persecution or legal prosecution. There are probably as many reasons as there were immigrants.

Why should immigrants come to Australia?

because we have plenty of housing. australia has food and water of a high quality. the government gives us money to start a livelihood and we are all happy :)