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Italian can be learned by visits to the Italian peninsula and the Italian islands. It can be learned by travel to countries that have Italian as an official language and Italian among their successful immigrant communities. For example, Italian is one of the official languages of Switzerland, San Marino, and Malta. It can be learned by study at immersion schools; in colleges and universities; and through exchange programs and online and correspondence courses. It can be learned by private lessons with a tutor. It can be learned by listening to such Italian language audio visual materials as discs, films, and videos. It can be learned by getting to know and socializing with Italian language speakers. And it can be learned by finding work at an Italian business.
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Can Michael Jackson speak Italian?

No Michael Jackson could not speak Italian, he could speak only English and a little bit of French.

Did dean Martin speak Italian?

Yes Dean Martin's Father Giovanni Crocetti was a first generation immigrant. At an early age Italian was Dino's primary language.

Do Italians speak spanish?

They don't have to; but most of them do. The reason for this is that Italian and Spanish are romances languages and others. But this two languages are extremely similar when i

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When he was six, his family moved to Italy, Kobe became used to the lifestyle there and learned to speak Italian.

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  As a mother language about 70 million speak Italian   As a Cultural language about 110 million speak Italian   Giving a total of 180 million, with a world populati

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What countries speak Italian?

There are 4 countries that speak Italian: Italy Switzerland San Marino Vatican City It is also spoken by minorities in Malta, Monaco, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Libya,

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