Where is Albania?

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Albania is located in eastern Europe across the Adriatic Sea from Italy. It is north of Greece, west of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and south of Montenegro and Kosovo.
Albania is a country located in Southeastern Europe on the Adriatic Sea.

longitude of Albania: 20 degrees east latitude of Albania: 40 degrees north
In South Eastern Europe, close to Greece.
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Food in Albania?

Delicious Alot of bread, meat, and cheese!!! although lately influenced by international cookinga nd stuff albanians will alays have their own yummy special food like: m

Where is Albania by?

Albania is located north of Greece and unfourtunately by Serbia and Monternegro.

Where is Albania and Moldova located?

1. Albania is a small European country in the Balkan Peninsula, near the Ionian Sea, between Serbia and Greece. 1. Republic of Moldova is a small Eastern European country, b

What is the lanuage in Albania?

In Albania, most people speak one of the two dialects of Albanian. The standard dialect is Tosk Albanian, which is spoken throughout the country and has the most speakers. Ghe

What is the topography of Albania?

Apart from a narrow coastal plain, Albania consists of hills and mountains covered with scrub forest, cut by small east-west rivers.
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What is Albania near?

Albania is a amazing country. It has a lot of cultures and traditions. Its near to the 'meditrranean ocean. It is near to the Italy and Greece.you should visit Albania its the
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When was Albania made?

The current state of Albania declared independence in 1912, and it was recognised by the rest of the world in 1920 (but with different borders from the ones the Albanians want
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Why was Albania named Albania?

Albania means, Land of the eagle, and it was named that because two eagles saved a king of Albania [ named Pirro ] from death in 600 B.C.