Where is Norway?

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Norway is in northern Europe, in the Scandinavian Penisula. It has borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia. It is the western and northern part of the Scandinavian Penisula. The Norwegian Sea, The Barents Sea, and The North sea all make up its borders.
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What is a Norway?

It's a country in Scandinavian (Northern Europe) and people who live there are Norwegians.

Why is Norway called Norway?

Norway means "way to the north." Norway is north, so it makes sense why that is the meaning. i am very glad to help answer your question! True, about a thousand years ago it

What is there in Norway?

Fjords, mountains, (a lot of) trees, farms, long coast-line, fish (salmon), snow, skiing, glaciers, moose (american) = elk (european). Aha, Petter Solberg, Madcon, Marion Rav

What was Norway?

Norway is a country in Scandinavia, Northern Europe.

How can you get to Norway?

From where? From America you can fly from Newark with Continental or from Philadelphia with US Airways or any other airline with a stop over in a European city. From the

What do Norway have?

Money Oil Gas Fish Hydro-electric energy Snow in the winter skiing beautiful women :)

Where is Norway next to?

Norway is located next to Sweden (on the west side), and then next to the North sea. Denmark is located south of Norway.. Finland and Russia in the north.

What does Norway do?

Norway is ranked #1 in the world on the Human Development Index. The country is the world's largest producer of oil and natural gas per capita outside of the Middle East. And

When was Norway named Norway?

The first time Norway is mentioned with a name in historical sources, it was still an undefined area. When the chieftain and explorer Ottar met the king of England in the 9th

What can you do in Norway?

You can do everything in Norway, You have almost all the opportunities available! Except walking in a dessert or climb a volcano. We do actually have a active volcano in Nor
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Where is Norway near to?

Norway borders to Sweden, Finland and Russia, but Denmark is also.
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Where is Norway found?

Norway Is found up above Denmark in Europe and to the left of Sweden Its in Scandinavia. Norway has over 4 million people living there Norway is good to go to If you are reall
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Where is Norway situated in northern Europe?

Norway as a country located in Northern Europe is situated on the western and northern part of the Scandinavian peninsula, bordering the north sea in southwest.