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Panama is a country in Central America. It is between Costa Rica of Central America and Columbia of South America.
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What is Panama?

Panama is a country in Central America above Colombia and belowCosta Rica. The United States built a canal there.

Was there slavery in Panama?

Yes there was slavery in Panama. The Spanish tried first with thenative Americans which was not too successful. Then they boughtAfricans for slaves. The Africans that ran away from their masterswere called Cimarrons. The Cimarrons helped Sir Francis Drake stealgold from the Spanish.

What are the holidays of Panama?

Observed Days ***Not all are holidays ----------------------------------------------------------- Country Event 2011 ----------------------------------------------------------- Panama New Year's Day Sat, Jan 1 Panama Martyrs' Day Sun, Jan 9 Panama Ash Wednesday Wed, Mar 9 Panama Dia de los Maestros Fri, Mar 11 Panama Holy Thursday Thu, Apr 21 Panama Easter Day Sun, Apr 24 Panama Labour Day Sun, May 1 Panama Dia del Padre Thu, Jun 16 Panama Father's Day Sun, Jun 19 Panama Founding of Panama City Mon, Aug 15 Panama Children's Day Tue, Nov 1 Panama All Souls' Day Wed, Nov 2 Panama National Day Thu, Nov 3 Panama Flag Day Fri, Nov 4 Panama Colon Day Sat, Nov 5 Panama Call for Independence Day Thu, Nov 10 Panama Independence from Spain Day Mon, Nov 28 Panama Teachers' Day Thu, Dec 1 Panama Mother's Day Thu, Dec 8 Panama Christmas Day Sun, Dec 25 Panama New Year's Eve Sat, Dec 31

What is Panama disease?

Panama disease is type of plant disease whihc attacks Banana (Musa) trees.This in 1800 orginated from South East Asia. Panama disease impacts the production banana cultivations. More details can be found at:http://www.plantmanagementnetwork.org/pub/php/management/bananapanam

How big is Panama?

Panama is 29,157 square miles or 75,517 square kilometers. It is 117th out of 235 countries in terms of land area. It is bigger than Sierra Leone but smaller than the Czech Republic.

What are the exports of Panama?

Aircraft spare parts and cement are two of Panama's most knownexports. However, they also make soft drinks and adhesive tapes.

Where is Panama found?

Panama is at the southern tip of Central America, just north of the continent of South America.

What can you do in Panama?

Given the recent influx of tourism and improved infrastructure anddevelopment to the city, it's more like "what can't you doin Panama." Some people even choose to retire here.

Why is the Panama Canal located in Panama?

Well the original plan was to build a sea level canal in Nicaragua,but the route was decided to be too long and expensive. Panamaoffered a shorter and cheaper route, although it would involvecrossing mountains that were not a problem on the route inNicaragua. The idea of a canal in Nicaragua quietly died until in the late1950s when the US proposed blasting the canal channel using roughly100 "clean" hydrogen bombs all detonated simultaneously along theroute of the canal as part of Project Plowshare which was thenseeking peaceful uses of nuclear explosives. This would havedrastically reduced the construction costs (by perhaps a factor ofmore than 100). But the idea was effectively killed by the 1963Atmospheric Test Ban Treaty. There are still plans to someday replace the Panama Canal with anew much wider "Nicaragua Canal", but the costs (and politicalinstabilities in the area) keep getting in the way. Also there areseveral ecological concerns with this route that must now beaddressed that would not have been considered issues in the 1960sor before.

Where is Panama at?

panama is a bit south of mexico; or you might be asking about panama in ol' OKlahoma its north of broken bow.

Is the Panama Canal in Panama?

YesThe canal and the surrounding area has legally been considered Panamanian since December 31st 1999. Before then it was under US control and used primarily as a military base. Former presidential Candidate John McCain was born in the canal zone while it was under US control, and was allowed to run for president in the 2008 election because it was counted as the United States for all legal purposes (though it was not a state).

Do Panama hats originate in Panama?

What we call the Panama Hat originated in Ecuador. It is woven from a very soft fiber that grows only there. It is called a Panama Hat because when they were building the Panama Canal, President Theodore Roosevelt was given a hat by a Panamanian business man. It fit him. He looked good wearing it, so he wore it the whole time he was down there. Well, if the president wears that, so too must his staff, and they all bought and wore the same kind of hat. When they got back to Washington, they were asked about the hat. They said this is the Panama Hat, we got them in Panama. There is a real Panama Hat that is made in Panama by Panamanians and worn by them but looks nothing like the one we call the Panama Hat.

Why is the panama canal important for panama?

Commercial Importance . The Panama Canal was built to shorten thedistance that ships had to travel to pass between the Atlantic andPacific Oceans. The canal permits shippers of commercial goods,ranging from automobiles to grain, to save time and money bytransporting cargo more quickly..

Why did they build the Panama cannal in Panama?

The Panama Canal was built because it created a shorter route for ships to get from one place to another. Example: A ship from New York (U.S. East Coast) would use the canal to go to Japan, as opposed to going all the way around Europe. The French started to build it but diseases disabled them to continue, then the United States finished it.

Why is Panama City Panamas capital?

Panama City is located in Florida.It is most beautiful and amazing place to visit.There are lot of natural place which you have with family and kids.I love to visit again panama city beach .i had lot of fun in panama city beach in Florida.

Was the Panama Canal good for panama?

The panama canal was not that great for Panama until it was controled by panana itself because Pana could not tax from it but it still brought many ships around in the area. Since they can tax from it now though they do benefit from it alot

How does the Panama Canal affect Panama?

Many people use the Panama Canal to sail to the other side of panama and import/ export items. It provides millions of dollars each day into our economy, but due to corruption, most of the money is deviated into corrupt politicians and not the people.

How far is it to Panama City Panama?

If you are leaving from Canada , Montreal you have to stop at Toronto after 2 hours and then go straight down the south of the earth. To go to Mexico it takes 4 hours and Panama is right below so it will be 2 more hours. It takes 6 hours to go to Panama, a very long time. Thanks 4 letting me help!! :)

Where is Panama City in Panama?

Panama City is on the Pacific Coast just about in the center of the country. It is the Pacific point of entry or exit to the Panama Canal.

Where is the location for Panama?

Panama is located in Central America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, between Colombia and Costa Rica. Its location on the Isthmus of Panama is strategic. By 2000, Panama controlled the Panama Canal which connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea to the North of the Pacific Ocean. Panama, at 75,515 km 2 , is ranked 118th worldwide on the basis of land size.

Is Panama big?

Panama , Span. Panamá, officially Republic of Panama, republic (2005 est. pop. 3,039,000), 29,760 sq mi (77,081 sq km), occupying the Isthmus of Panama, which connects Central and South America. So Panama is big but not huge, but is very BEAUTIFUL!!!

What are the dangers in Panama City panama?

1. Crime. Be sure to not whip out your expensive smart phone too much, and not to wear overtly expensive looking clothes and accesories. Specially in those areas deemed "crime ridden". 2. As of right now, the water. Due to heavy rainfall the water treatment plants are having a very hard time making the water fit for human use. When in Panama I advise you to either boil water for 20 min or more, or buy bottled water for drinking. 3. Sanitation in some places. Be vigilant and if you see any red flags such as bad handling of food, too much flies, dirty restaurant... then don't eat there. Can't think of any more.... I'm Panamanian by the way. Please enjoy your stay in Panama. Just as it has dangers like all other places, it is also a fantastic place with many fun things to see and do, and many adventures to have.

Does Panama have swamps?

I can definitively say that Panama has at least one swamp, as I spent much time walking through it as a soldier stationed there. It is called the Majinga Swamp.

Why is Panama named Panama?

Panama means abundance in the local Indian dialect, in the beginning related with the abundance of water and fish in the region.

How did Balboa get to Panama?

he decided to stow away with his dog on board a relief supply ship sailing to San Sabastian on the Isthmus of Panama in 1510

What can you smell in Panama?

You can smell bananas because they grow there. You may smell horsesbecause the people are less likely to be able to afford cars.

Does Panama have a military?

Panama no longer has an army. After the USA captured Noriega forbeing a tyrant. Panama is protected by the USA and is controlled bycity officials and police.

Who imperialized Panama?

Panama has been imperialized by the Spanish in the 1600s and by theAmericans since the 1900s.

What did the US do in Panama?

The US helped Panama get independence from Colombia. Then the USbuilt the Panama Canal. The US also removed Manuel Antonio NoriegaMoreno from power in Panama.

Where do Panama worship?

The most popular religion in Panama is Roman Catholicism, so they primarily worship in Catholic Churches.

Does the Panama Canal surround Panama?

The Panama Canal does not surround Panama, rather, it bisects Panama. It travels from the Atlantic Ocean on the east side of Panama to the Pacific Ocean on the west side of Panama, passing through the middle of the country, so approximately half of Panama is north of the canal and half is south of the canal.

What does the US get in Panama?

The main US interest in Panama is the Panama Canal, which allows ships to travel between the Atlantic and the Pacific without having to go all the way to the tip of South America to do so.

Where is panama city panama located?

Panama is located in Central America between Costa Rica to the north and Colombia to the south. . It is at the southern end of the Central American isthmus (a narrow piece of land that connects two larger land areas) and forms the land bridge between North and South America. . The nation is S-shaped and runs from east to west with a length of 772 kilometers and a width that varies from 60 to 177 kilometers. . For more information refer to link below. .