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Ignition Amplifier? If you mean the Ignition Amplifier - it's a small rectangular Electronic part attached to the inner wing behind the battery - Bosch Part - about �50 to replace, they seem to go wrong at around 10/14 years - easy plug in replacement but use the heat sink conducting paste supplied with a new unit If you didn't mean the Ignition Amplifier - well - ignore all I've said.
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Where is the amplifier located in 1992 Ford Explorer?

Answer Whenever I replaced my mom's sterio in her '95 it was located behind the panel in the cargo area. It was located behind the passenger side panel. I imagine it is in the

Where is the amplifier in a 2002 avalanche?

the audio amplifier is located behind the glove box to the right, slightly bend the right side of the glove box and gently let it down look to the right and there it is

Where is the amplifier for a 2004 Nissan Murano?

it is front of the spare tire you will see a black flap lift that and there it is , if you look in the center of the spare tire you will see the Bose sub-woofer .

Where is the amplifier on a 2001 range rover?

MAIN AMPLIFIER LOCATION: I found the main amplifier (not the small subwoofer amp) of my 2001 RR HSE located between the subwoofer and the outer body panel of the car. (If you