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Ignition Amplifier? If you mean the Ignition Amplifier - it's a small rectangular Electronic part attached to the inner wing behind the battery - Bosch Part - about �50 to replace, they seem to go wrong at around 10/14 years - easy plug in replacement but use the heat sink conducting paste supplied with a new unit If you didn't mean the Ignition Amplifier - well - ignore all I've said.
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Where is the amplifier in the car?

Answer . \nInsdide The Radio Or C/D Player. You Will Find Two Amps, One For Left Chanel & One For Right.

Where is the amplifier in a 1996 BMW 328i?

I'm not quite sure because I haven't taken the back dash off, however I have seen a rectangle shaped indentation comming out from the back dash in between the 2 standard subs.