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Which US states allow wage garnishment?

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All US states allow wage garnishment for creditor debt with the exception of Pennsylvania, South Carolina, North Carolina and Texas (depending upon the debtor's circumstances). All US states allow income garnishment for child support, tax arrearages and in some states spousal support (alimony).
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What states can garnish wages?

At present four U.S. states � North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas � do not allow wage garnishment at all except for debts related to taxes, child suppor

In which US states can wages not be garnished?

  Garnishing Wages   In certain states your wages cannot be garnished for certain liabilities. For instance, if you owe taxes, they will garnish your wages, if you o

Which states do not garnish wages?

North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Texas. The exceptions to wage garnishment in these states are..taxes, child support, Federal student loans, court ordered fines or

What states allow garnishment of bank accounts or wages for credit card debt?

There are no states that do. This is a matter for a federal judge since it deals with banks and debits. The credit card company would have to secure a judgment against you in

Who can garnish wages in the State of Florida?

Anyone who is owed money and who receives a valid court judgment to do so. This includes but is not limited to, child support, spousal maintenance, creditor debt, monies owed

What is the state law on wage garnishment in Kentucky?

Garnishment is a process by which creditors [hospitals, doctors, credit card, loan companies or banks, etc] take a part of your income [dividends, commissions, rent received,

Can another US state garnish wages on a Texas employee?

  My fiance is currently having his wages garnished from Washington State while he is employeed in the State of Texas. He isn't employeed by the State but with a private b

What is the maximum percentage allowed for wage garnishment?

  Answer     States set their own laws for wage garnishment. Some states do not allow wage garnishment by creditors but will allow it when it pertains to child an

What states allow garnishment of wages for student loans?

Student loan garnishment is a federal guideline set by the Dept. of Ed., therefor borrowers in all states can be garnished. There are only 2 ways to get out of default on yo