Who are the 25 most important people in history?

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5.)Isac newton
6.)albert Einstein

8.)T'sai Lun
9.)st. Paul

10.)ghengis khan

11.)Augustus Caesar

15.)oliver cromwell

16.)George Washington

17.)martin Luther


20.)Henry ford

21.)Julius Caeser

24.)Karl marx

25.) Mahatma Gandhi

Everyone has their list, and everyone is right. Name yours and justify it. Everyone will argue that some of your list is wrong, and everyone will argue that some of you list is right. No one has the exact list of 25, but you have yours, and for you it is the right list.
Jesus Christ
Martin Luther
Adolf Hitler
Genghis Khan

Thomas Edison
Christopher Columbus
Johannes Guttenburg
Albert Einsten
Charles Darwin
Galileo Galilei
Napoleon Bonaparte
William the Conqueror
Isabella of Castile
George Washington
Nicolaus Copernicus
Otto von Bismark
Thomas Jefferson
Issac Newton
Louis Pasteur
Karl Marx
Elenor of Aquataine
Orville & Wilbur Wright
Henry Ford
As the above poster said, there is no universal list of the 25 most important people in history, however here are some influential people that you may want to look into
1. Jesus Christ
2. Johannes Gutenburg
3. Mohammed
4. Martin Luther
5. Nicolaus Copernicus
6. Isaac Newton
7. Adolf Hitler
8. Harry S. Truman
9. Genghis Khan
10. Christopher Columbus
11. Albert Einstein
12. Pope Gregory III
13. Henry the Navigator
14. T'sai Lun
15. Vladimir Lenin
16. Wright Brothers
17. Abraham Lincoln
18. Karl Marx
19. Galileo
20. John F. Kennedy
21. Henry VIII
22. Napoleon Bonaparte
23. Mohandas Ghandi
24. Winston Churchill
25. Charles Darwin
1. Muhammad ( although i am a christian i think that Muhammad was more influential because he was the central human figure of Islam, regarded by Muslims as the messenger and last prophet of God. Also active as a diplomat, merchant, philosopher, orator, legislator, reformer, and military general)

2. Sir Isac Newton ( he was an English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist, and theologian. His law of universal gravitation and three laws of motion laid the groundwork for classical mechanics.

3. Jesus

4. Buddha

5. St. Paul

6. Confucius

7. Martian Luther

8. Ts'ai Lun

9. Johannes Gutenburg

10. Columbus

11. Einstein

1) Norman Borlaug

No one else I am aware of comes close. But, here are a few, not in order of importance, but all had a great significance in the history of the world...

2) Leonardo Da Vinci
3) Carl Sagan
4) Albert Einstein
5) Constantine
6) Thomas Jefferson
7) Charlemagne
8) Nickola Tesla
9) Nicolaus Copernicus
10) Galileo
11) Winston Churchill

A few men you didn't find on this list: Christopher Columbus, Mohandas Gandhi, Thomas Edison. I find too much fault in these men to make them greater than the ones listed above, so I don't feel they should be added to the list. They were important, but not as great or significant as the listed.
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What are some of the most important events and people in world history?

Important Event: the World Wars! Important People: Everyone involved with those wars! Answer how about the industrial revolution? or the neolithic revolution? Answer Gavrilo Princep in my mind is the most important person of the 20th century. By shooting Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 his act (MORE)

What is the most important event in history?

From a scientific perspective I would say that the most important event in history was the Big Bang. But you were probably asking about human history, not cosmic history. The human race as we know it (homo Sapiens) probably resulted from a single mutation in an earlier hominid species, and that migh (MORE)

Who were important people in Japans history?

Toyotomi Hideyoshi was an extremely evil, cruel man who failed to invade Korea and China. His main interests were getting drunk. He was best known for being gay. He was the man that united the fighting Japan, but it was said that it was his wife who did most of the work. He hated western white peopl (MORE)

What is the most important moment in music history?

The most importants events in music history would be- 1. When Thomas Edison invented the phonograph making music available as recordings, allowing different forms of music to be heard, and allowing musicians who couldn't read music to learn by ear, effectively ending the reign of classical music. (MORE)

What are the most important battles in history?

Read JFC Fuller Desicive battles of the Western world In No order: -Battle of Waterloo-Napoleon's down fall -Battle of Marathon-thwarted Persian attempts to conquered Greece and arguably saved democracy -Athenian Campaign of Sicily-actual battle not important other than causing the down (MORE)

Important people in the history of Florida?

hi here is my answer, . Well, a man named Juan Ponce De Leon was very important. He was a Spanish nobleman. He had heard rumors about the Fountain of Youth so he wanted to find it. He set sail and he landed on Florida. He had no luck in finding it, but he decided to settle there. He came back from (MORE)

Who are important people in Arizona history?

Marcos de Niza was the first European to explore the area in 1539. Corondo came in 1540, and members of his expedition found the Grand Canyon. Father Kino is responsilbe for the colonization of Arizona, he is known as the Father of Arizona. George Goodwin was the first territorial governor (MORE)

Who are the the 25 most influential people in European history?

I would say that number one is Johannas Gutenberg. He invented the printing press with movable type. This was a groundbreaking invention, and without him, and the printing press, knowledge wouldn't have spread nearly as fast, and the world would be nothing like what it is today.

Who are the ten most important people in us history?

Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and George Washingtonwere a few of the most important people in US history. Other peoplewere Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, andMartin Luther King Jr.

Who are the most important world leaders in history?

Depends on what you mean by "important," if you mean what world leaders have had the greatest impact, or the most influence, then you could look at leaders like Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Ghangas Khan, Ramses, Nebuchadnezzar, Wiston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, of course these are all political lead (MORE)

Who were the most important composers in history?

A highly subjective question requiring such an answer. But since music evolved and still does all, composers, to a greater or lesser extent are 'most important'.. Just three examples of the impossibility of a simple answer -. [1] Monteverdi - is he any less than Beethoven in the bigger picture? - (MORE)

Is history the most important subject in school?

Yes and no, you use history to become a citizen of the United States but you use math everyday...it just depends on what you need the subject for The most important subject is language, because without language you can't learn any other subject.

Who are the most important people of history?

Among many many others I would say: Jesus Christ; the prophet Mohammed; Albert Einstein; Nikola Tesla; Nelson Mandela; Napoleon; Alexander the Great; Hannibal Lector; Julius Caesar; Sir Tim Berners-Lee; Bill Gates; Alexander Fleming; Mahatma Gandhi; William Wilberforce; Emmeline Pankhurst; ( A woman (MORE)

Who is the most important porson in history?

Person*...there is no 1 most important person. without multiple people in history not everything will come together. Some important people were geroge Washington, ben Franklin, Mr. kunz, davinchi and many more

What are the five most important revolutions in history?

The most important revolutions in history aren't neccessarily socio-political revolutions. 1) The 2nd agricultural revolution: Brought agriculture more modernized, with better techiques, technology and in general, better farming. This increased the food surplus and led to the development of cities. (MORE)

Who are the Most important women in history?

History is a record of names and deeds, and since Civilization everywhere is male centered, and maleness is considered the right stuff, the essential virtue so to speak, most of its important women have been anonymous. If they had been male, their names would be known. Women whose names are known (MORE)

What did the English people do that was important in history?

You don't really specify in an aspect of importance? However Englishmen and women have made history for a number of reasons. So I'll name a few: William Shakespeare 1564 - 1616 Firstly if you haven't heard of him I seriously query your schooling, for he is considered a literature God. Shakes (MORE)

Who are the most evil people in history?

Adolf Hitler, Nero, Caligula, Genghis Khan, Atilla Hun, Tony Blair, Winston Churchill, Ted Bundy. Answer #2: There are no evil people, only evil actions. 'Evil' is that which destroys, or prevents from coming into being, a desired state of equilibrium. There are all too many people willing to (MORE)

Why are some people important in history?

-- Some people are important in history because they changed the world in their time. Still others are famous in the history of a country beause they helped to found it, advance it, or defend it. (Alexander the Great; the American Founding Fathers; Napoleon Bonaparte) -- Others changed the course of (MORE)

Who are the most courageous people in history?

Marie Antoinette - Executed during the french revolution Charlotte Dorcay - Executed during the french revolution Jeanne d'Arc - Executed by the Catholic Church Jacques de Molay - Executed in Paris 1314

Most important moments in American history?

Signing of the Declaration of Independence (July 4th, 1776) and the Revolutionary war (1775-1783). Without those two things America would be under the rule of Great Britain.

The most important event in Jewish history was?

There is no single event that can be unanimously declared "the most important". But if you survey different Jews, you make get these answers: . The revelation of Torah at Mt. Sinai . Abraham's realization that there is one God . The destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem . The Holocaust (MORE)

Who was the most important people in us history?

Condeleeza Rice "the second woman secretary in the U.S." Ansel Adams "photographer" Samuel Adams "bostanonian American revoluntary war leader" Jane Addams"progressive era reformer" Susan B. Anthony "womens rights leader: ........more google it!

Who are the most important people in car history?

Nikolaus Otto, inventor of the internal combustion engine Karl Benz, inventor of the first practical automobile Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine Anyos Jedlik, inventor of the electric motor Ransom Olds, inventor of the automobile assembly line Henry Ford, who perfected the assembl (MORE)

Why is history important to young people?

First of all,studying history is about studying people, especially famous people in history. young people need some role models in their lives to imitate and to follow. In old days, heroes in wars and well known inventors were popular and had inspired young generation like us to be like them, person (MORE)

Who are the most loved people in history?

Depends on who you talk to and when. Many people would pick different choices, though many names may appear on the lists of different individuals. JFK, Joseph Stalin, Martin Luther King, Nehru, Ghandhi, Tito, Desmond Tutu, Mother Theresa, Osama bin Laden etc. Most any Nobel Peace Prize winner could (MORE)

Who was the most important president in the history of the US?

that is strictly up to you. it is a personal choice. important depends on what factors you are looking for. many presidents were great and we learned something from all of them. so there is no real way to choose who is most important. for no human is more important then any other. That is strictly b (MORE)

Who was the most important man in history?

In science, I would say Thomas Edison and Sir Isaac Newton because most of our today's world runs on the basis of the principles (electricity and gravity) they discovered or found. Another man that was listed as the most important many of the millenia on the history channel is the man who invente (MORE)

What were the most important events in the American history?

There have been many important events, too many to name. -The revolutionary war created America, so it could be argued as the most important. -WWI/II and the Coldwar also shaped America greatly, turning it from an isolationist Merchant nation into a Global Superpower -9/11 started the war on terr (MORE)

What was the MOST important event in the history of the Israelites?

This question can only be answered in a subjective fashion. Themost important event in the history of the Israelites was itsexodus from Egypt. Time frames for this event are subject todebate. Jewish answer: The most important event in the history of the Israelites waswithout question the Giving o (MORE)

What is the most important event in Welsh history?

This is a matter for debate, and some would argue that certainevents were more important than others. In reality, it's impossibleto say, but probably the four most important events in Welshhistory were the Plantagenet conquest of Wales under Edward 1stafter the slaying of Prince Llewellyn the Great (MORE)