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Known Dead:
-Francis Griffin (Peter's Dad, Peter crushes him)
-Thelma Griffin (Peter's Mom, Died of Stroke)
-Joan (Peters maid and Quagmires ex-wife, killed by Death)
-New Brian (Brian's replacement, chopped to pieces by Stewie)
-Mr. Jonathan Weed (Peter's boss at the Happy Go Lucky Toy Factory, choked on a dinner roll)
-Vern & Johnny (Vaudeville performers, shot by Stewie)
-Derek Wilcox (Jillian's Husband, killed by Diane)
-Muriel Goldman (Mort's wife, stabbed by Diane Simmons)
-Diane Simmons (Shot by Stewie, then fell off a cliff)
-Nigel Pinchley (Hung by British authorities)
-Jeremy (Liddane the babysitter's boyfriend, Left in truck of car to die by Stewie)
-Bertram (Shot with a crossbow to the head and chest by Stewie)
-A future version of Mort Goldman (killed by Stewie in the time machine)
-Loretta Brown (although technically she died on The Cleveland Show)
-Uncle Chet (Cleveland's Uncle, died in his sleep)
-Amy (The girl Death had a crush on her, He just killed her)
-Drunk Billy (Channel 5's News Chopper pilot)
-Big Fat Paulie (Shot in a Mob drive by)
-Aunt Marguerite (Lois' Aunt, Natural Causes)
-Peter Griffin Jr. (Shaken to death by Peter as a baby)
-Vanessa Griffin (Chris' future wife, killed by Stewie although that timeline no longer exists so her death is moot)
-Naomi & Dale Robinson (Car crash)
-The Man in White along with his cult members
-Colin Farrell (Shot by Stewie)
-Super Devil (Accidentally shot by Brian)
-Stephanie (Glen's one time girlfriend, killed by Diane)
-Priscilla (James Woods' wife, killed by Diane)
-Unnamed Valet (Blown up by a car bomb)
Also one time characters named, Howard, Gerald and an unnamed stripper

Presumed Dead:
-Paddy Tanniger (Presumed dead when run over by a tank)
-Matthew McConaughey (Shot with a arrow by Stewie)
-Ms. Hobson (Stewie's day care teacher, shot by Stewie with arrow)
-Joan Cusack (Peter crushes her and throws her away)
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Why family guy?

Its called Family Guy because its about family life.

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