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Israel is what is now the land that was promised to Israelites by the Most High; they were descendants of Jacob (his name having been changed to Israel). Sometimes Israel is stated to refer to the man the 12 tribes descended from, sometimes it's used to refer to the land, while other times it's used to refer to the descendants themselves.

Israel is a country, not a person.
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Who is Israel at war with?

Right now Israel is not in any active war. Although two of it's close neighbors - Lebanon and Syria never reached peace or normalized relations ever with Israel you could say

Who is Israel Finkelstein?

Israel Finkelstein is one of the foremost archaeologists in Israel,a leading authority on Middle Eastern archaeology and co-directorof excavations at Megiddo. He is the Jacob

Who is Israel as referred to in the bible?

Israel was the name given by God to Jacob son of Isaac, son of Abraham. Genesis 35:10 "And God said unto him, Thy name is Jacob: thy name shall not be called any more Jacob,

Who is Israel nunez?

Israel Jacob Nunez is a United States Navy Corpsman stationed in California. He currently leads a Cub scout den of 9 young 8 year olds and is looking to be heade out to Bahrai

Who is Israel fighting against?

the middle east as a whole...but in reality they are not actively fighting anyone at the moment however they do not have peaceful boarders with syria and Lebanon

Who is Israel in conflict with?

Israel is not currently at war (de facto). It maintains a de jure conflict with Hamas-controlled Gaza, Syria,Lebanon, Iran, and all Arab States with which it does not share a
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