Why did the Soviets invade Afghanistan during the cold war?

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The Soviets invaded, at least in part, to provide support to the Parcham fraction of the Afghani Communist Party. Until the invasion, the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) and thus the government of Afghanistan had been in the hands of the leaders of the Khalq faction. The Khalq faction had introduced progressive reforms including women's rights, something which the deeply Islamic Afghanis in rural areas did not agree with. The US government aided anti-government rebels in order to provoke Soviet military intervention and thus weaken their power. This idea worked, the Soviets invaded, but they had no victory. It was to the USSR what the Vietnam War is to the US.
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Why did the Soviets lose the war in Afghanistan?

The Soviets did lose the war in Afgahanistan - they withdrew in the face of overwhelming resistance and opposition from the mujahadin freedom fighters (who were supplied with arms by the US). Answer I'm not certain they did, or that they ever intended to win it. In 1979 the Soviets put 100,000 me (MORE)

Why did the US fight Afghanistan during the Cold War?

Actually, the U.S. did NOT fight Afghanistan, it was the Soviets who invaded Afghanistan. The U.S. provide military "advisors" who taught the Afghanistans how to drive the Russians out. The freedom fighters of Afghanistan were more than happy to have U.S. help up to the point when the Soviets were d (MORE)

Who where the Soviet Union leaders during the Cold War?

the leaders were 1) Joseph Stalin 2) nikita kruchev 3) leonid brezhnev 4) gorbachev PS. a good source of info is the cnn cold war files just type in an of these names with cold war on Google, and cnn should be on the first page.

Why did the Soviets invade Afghanistan in 1979?

according to a Russian friend, it was not drugs or religion. It was simply that the country was backwards, refused progression, and was easy to invade. The problem? you can never make such people atheists!

What was the size of the Soviet Union's military during the Cold War?

The Soviet Military was comparable to the US's. Only in content were they noticeably different. . 1. The Soviet Army was "tank heavy", more tanks than the US Army. . 2. The Soviet Navy was "Submarine heavy", more subs than the US Navy. . 3. The US Navy was Aircraft Carrier heavy; The Soviets had (MORE)

Why did the Soviet Union invade Afghanistan?

In keeping with its previous suppression of rival political factions, the Soviets were likely intending a show of force to prop up the Afghan Communist regime. However, the Afghans decided to fight back and it quickly escalated into a major conflict that continued for 10 years.

What was the cause of the soviet - Afghanistan war?

The first major event to affect the time leading up to the civil war in Afghanistan was the return from a decade of political exile of Mohammed Daoud Khan, in 1973. Daoud had been prime minister of Afghanistan until 1963, when his insistence on focusing on the question of reclaiming Afghan territori (MORE)

What was the main concern of the Soviet Union during the cold war?

The main concern of the Soviet Union during the Cold War was tomatch or exceed American and NATO military might so as to deter anyoffensive action on their part -- or emerge victorious from anydirect conflict. Hand in hand with this concern, the Soviet Unionalso sought to establish friendly rulers a (MORE)

During the Cold War which US cities were Soviet nuclear targets?

All population centers were targets of opportunity. Several were priority targets that required special attention such as: . Washington, DC, the National Capital . Omaha, Nebraska which was the home of the Strategic Air Command. . New York City as the Free Words Financial center, . Colorado Spr (MORE)

When did Soviet Union invade Lithuania during World War 2?

There was two times when it happened. First time it was in 1940 June 15 when Soviet military forces crosses borders of Lithuania. President Smetona at that time left Lithuania in order not to legalize the occupation. Soon after that, about a year later, Soviets was forced to leave Lithuania by Nazi (MORE)

How long did the Soviet Afghanistan war last for?

The Taliban and the Russians were at war for ten years: from 1979 to 1989. During that time the Russians named Mohammed Najibullah as the new leader of Afghanistan. He remained control until 1992; three years after the Russians left the country. During the war, the Russians planted thousands of land (MORE)

Who was the main leader in the Soviet Union during the cold war?

The Cold War, meaning the continued state of political conflict and military tension without a direct military confrontation between the US and the USSR, lasted from 1947 until 1991. It is hard to pinpoint the "main" leader of the Soviet Union during this era. Joseph Stalin (in power from 1924 un (MORE)

How did US compete with Soviet Union during the Cold War?

The United States competed with the Soviet Union during the Cold War by containing the Soviet Union from spreading communism. The U.S. did this by forming NATO, a group formed by President Truman in order to contain communism.

What were the differences between the Soviet Union and the US during the Cold War?

I remember studying this last year. Briefly, the Soviet Union believed in communism and the US believed in freedom, and this caused a lot of tension especially when the threats started. That's where the Cold War came in.. The US and Soviet Union would threaten war and were overall scared of each oth (MORE)

Why did the US and the Soviet Union stay allies during the cold war?

It was a COLD war, not a HOT one. Trade with caution. They certainly did not remain allies after the Germans had been defeated and the Iron Curtain descended. The Yalta Agreement was supposed to return sovereignty to countries invaded by the Germans but the Soviets did not abide by the agreement and (MORE)

What countries were on the Soviet Union side during the cold war?

NATO made up the original alliance of; Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland.(France would later leave the alliance) The Warsaw Pact contained the alliance of; Albania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Ea (MORE)

How did the Soviet war with Afghanistan end?

The Soviet Union collapsed while their forces were still fighting in Afghanistan. The new government in Moscow made the decision to withdraw. I did not see it myself, but I was told that the Soviet commander in Afghanistan got out of his vehicle at the border and waited until he was the last one, an (MORE)

How did Soviet citizens feel about Stalin during the cold war?

They were trained to hate him through the process of destalinization, in which his name was removed from every place of honor, his likeness was erased from the public eye and his crimes were made public. And that took a while; Stalin was easily as bad as Hitler.

How did the soviet union help cuba during the cold war?

They gave them money, and they also where going to ship nuclear bombs there but the where quite loud about it and said that there was nothing the US could do and when the boats where en route a fleet of ships got in its way and said that if they didn't turn back they would stop them with brute force (MORE)

What events turned the soviet union from an ally into a competitor during the cold war?

I believe that the turning of the USSR from an ally to a competitor was inevitable and not neccisarily due to any specific event(s) (though there are many that helped tensions between the US and the USSR). USSR had a communist government, meaning that there was a monopoly of everything (with the gov (MORE)

What disagreement did the US have with Soviet Union during the cold war?

The "Big Three" (Stalin, who ran The soviet union, F.D.R, president of the United States, and Churchill, president of England) Met at the Yalta conference briefly before the end of WWII to discuss matters about Germany. They decided at the end of the conference to split Germany up into four parts, A (MORE)

What was the Soviet Union doing during the cold war?

The Soviet Union supported communist revolutions in many countries, on the theory that capitalist systems are unjust and need to be overthrown. There was a constant maneuvering for power between the communist bloc, which was largely controlled by the Soviet Union, and the free world led by the US. N (MORE)

What are the foreign policies of Soviet Union during Cold War?

The foreign policies of the Soviet Union changed as did the leaders of the countries. Joseph Stalin remained in power of the USSR for 8 years after WW2 was over. His foreign policies were pretty straightforward, with tight control over his European satellite nations ( those annexed by the Soviet Uni (MORE)

What were the effects of the Soviet - Afghanistan war?

For the Soviets, the war became very expensive and this became one of the factors which led to the fall of the U.S.S.R. After the Soviets left, Afghanistan's communist government was overthrown and the country devolved into a civil war. The Taliban won and became Afghanistan's new government, which (MORE)

Why was Egypt aligned with the Soviet Union during the cold war?

It's a stretch to say that they were aligned with the Soviet Union - after the Yom Kippur War, Egypt actually aligned itself with the United States. But they were a Soviet client state because the Soviet Union decided to back the Arab militaries, as opposed to the United States, which backed Israel. (MORE)

Why was soviet union in war with Afghanistan?

Soviets invaded Afghanistan in late December of 1979 due to the local uprisings of Islamic people and the internal government coups which had been occurring. These were resistance efforts against new social and political reforms which the Afghan government had implemented.