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Why do British call the hood and trunk of a car the bonnet and boot respectively?

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Bonnet - A removable metal plate over a machine part, such as a valve. Car hoods used to be removable.
Boot-the receptacle or place into which the top of a convertible car fits when lowered.
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Why is scotch bonnet called scotch bonnet?

The scotch bonnet gets its name from it resemblance to the traditional Scottish cap: the tam or tam o'shanter. The tam is a flat round cap with a pompom or tassel in the cente

Why do the British call a sedan a saloon car?

In Britain the Saloon was a luxe lounge area for the wealthy on  ships, when the car was invented the nice ones were called saloons  to lend an air of luxury to the car and

What are british classic cars called?

Hi The word "Classic" is a derivative of the word "Class" which means a higher standard, something that has standards that others do not have. Look at the E-Type Jaguar fo

What do you call the things sticking out of the hood on muscle cars?

Blower or Supercharger. The purpose of a blower is to shove more air into the engine. More air in the engine creates more horsepower.

What is the law on bonnet emblems on cars?

They aren't allowed to be sharp, big or strong enough to be significant risk if the car would collide with a pedestrian.

Why is a car boot called a boot?

It is called a trunk in the U.S. It is called a boot in U.K. because that was the name given to the seat at the back of a horse-drawn coach where the coachman sat, which later

What is car boot?

The boot is also called the trunk . It can also be what the parking enforcement officer puts on your wheel to keep from moving it for unpaid traffic tickets.