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Why do British call the hood and trunk of a car the bonnet and boot respectively?

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Bonnet - A removable metal plate over a machine part, such as a valve. Car hoods used to be removable.
Boot-the receptacle or place into which the top of a convertible car fits when lowered.
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What is the hood or bonnet length of a 1986 Lincoln Town Car?

  Well, using a tape measure on my 1986 Lincoln town car signature Series...the hood (from the chrome strip on its end at the windshield to the other end just before the h

Why is a car boot called a boot?

It is called a trunk in the U.S. It is called a boot in U.K. because that was the name given to the seat at the back of a horse-drawn coach where the coachman sat, which later

What is the bonnet on a car?

In the USA we call it the hood, it covers the engine compartment.

Why is a car bonnet called a bonnet?

Because people feel the need to differentiate their Land Rovers from other cars by calling it a "Bonnet" instead of just a "Hood," because they tailgate you with their high be