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Reasons People Lie Pathologically There are many reasons people lie pathologically. It could be from family abuse (covering up or lying so they aren't beaten.) It can be immaturity (afraid of the world in general) or it can simply be the person doesn't think they rank high on the ladder of life and make up stories to make themselves look better to others, or because they want sympathy or attention that they are not getting. There are just too many reasons. Pathological Liars are not terrible people and often times can be quite funny just trying to squirm out of a lie someone has caught them in, but it does put a monkey wrench into any relationship they have with family, friends and their mates. They can be sneaky; you can date them and believe a lot of what they say and then you're caught in the web. If you find out they are, it's time to move on.

In addition, it's said that pathological liars have 22% more white matter in their prefrontal cortex than "normal" people. This could explain why pathological liars are so believable. I saw a special about this once, and they said that they can convince people so easily, because in a way they believe the lie themselves. They muddle the boundaries between what is real and the fantasies they create in their minds. Inevitably they will damn themselves but cause a lot of hurt and pain along the way, because they truly cannot care about the feelings of "loved" ones while they are creating their web of lies and deceit.

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