Why does the US have Guam?

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Because they won it as a spoils of war in 1898. as part of the Treaty of Paris the US got Guam, Philippines and Puerto Rico and paid then-$20 million for the new possessions.
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What is Guam?

Guam is an unincorporated organized territory of the US. The indigenous people are called Chamorros. The main languages are Chamorro and English. The people are US citizens.

Where is Guam at?

Guam is in the western Pacific at 13 degrees north latitude and 144 degrees east longitude. It is the westernmost territory of the US. Guam is about 1,500 miles east of Manila, Philippines and Tokyo, Japan; and about 3,800 miles west of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Why does the US own Guam?

Guam was first annexed as a result of the Spanish-American War. Guam was lost in WWII to Japan, but it was regained.. Guam is a strategic military base to the US. In fact, there is a massive move of about 10,000 US Marines and their familes from Japan to Guam.

How was Guam acquired by the us?

The United States acquired Guam by sending a single cruiser, theUSS Charlestown, to capture the island. The Spanish on the islandhad no knowledge of the Spanish-American War and surrendered theisland without resistance. Thus, the U.S. gained control of theisland of Guam.

Is Guam a US state?

The island of Guam is not a US state, it is classified as a possession of the US.

Is Guam a part of the US?

It is a US territory and an important part of the Pacific Force projectiom of the US military into Oceania and into Asia.

Why did the US acquire Guam?

The United States gained Guam originally at the end of the Spanish American War, it was signed over in the treaty. At the beginning of WWII it was lost to the Japanese (1941) and it was Liberated and won back at the end (1945)

Where is Guam?

Guam is an island in the Western Pacific Ocean. Latitude/Longitude 13º 30n, 144º 48E. Guam lies between 13.2°N and 13.7°N and between 144.6°E and 145.0°E, and has an area of 212 square miles (549 km 2 ), making it the 32nd largest island of the United States . It is the southernmo (MORE)

Who sold Puerto Rico and Guam to the US?

They were ceded by Spain after their loss in the Spanish-American War. It is true that the US paid Spain $20 million but that token amount included the Philippines and the removal of all Spanish influence from Cuba as well. However, the above history official story was just a mock battle "for show". (MORE)

Where about in the US is Guam?

Guam is the Western most point in the United States, it is about 5000 miles from the Oregon/Washington coast and much closer to Japan and Australia than it is too the U.S.

Why did the US want to gain control of Guam?

The U.S. wanted Guam so that we could gain more land and power. Itwas also a very strategic location for the refueling of coalpowered ships. To establish a naval base. Guam was a stepping stone in defeating the Japanese Empire in WorldWar 2.

How was Guam aquired by the us?

The U.S. acquired Guam in 1898 after the Spanish-American War.Spain gave up Guam to the United States in the1898 Treaty of Parisafter this country the war.

Why did The US want Guam?

So they could gain more land/territory. And strategically it is important. Close enough to potential threats in the Asian region, Middle Eastern Region, European Region....

How did the us get Guam?

Guam first came under United States control after it was captured without bloodshed on June 20, 1898, during the Spanish American War. It was permanently ceded to the U.S. by Spain at the signing of a "Protocol of Peace" between the U.S. and Spain. It was invaded by the Japanese during WWII,1941, an (MORE)

What is Guam to the US?

Guam is an island in the western Pacific Ocean and is an organized, unincorporated territory of the United States

Who Did The US Take Guam From?

Spain in 1898 (Spanish-American War), then liberated from Japanese occupation by the U.S. in 1944 during WWII (Guam was invaded by Japan 1941 soon after Pearl Harbor was attacked).

What was Guam used for?

mostly as a port for traders, and whalers. it later was used a miltary outpost and garrison. now it is a strategic location for America in the pacific.

How did Guam become a part of Us?

Guam was a Spanish colony and after the Spanish-American war in 1898, the U.S. took over Spanish colonies that included Puerto Rico and the Philippines, until the Philippines annexed itself later after WW2.

How is Guam part of the US?

The US claimed it for some reason and now they are using it for naval forces or something. I say it's kind of a good thing because people from Guam are already US citizens.

Do you need a us passport to go to Guam?

Depends. If you are flying from Honolulu, you do not need apassport. However, Since Guam is technically part of the UnitedStates, you do need to show proof that you are from the US. (PhotoID, Drivers License, etc.) If you are flying from a foreigncountry, you will need to go through Customs.

How did the us gain control over Guam?

Guam first came under United States control after it was captured without bloodshed on June 20, 1898, during the Spanish American War. It was permanently ceded to the U.S. by Spain at the signing of a "Protocol of Peace" between the U.S. and Spain. It was invaded by the Japanese during WWII,1941, an (MORE)

How many miles from us to Guam?

The distance between the above places is 7209 miles. This distance is point to point straight distance as seen on the map. The actual distance covered by a flight may vary according to the flight path chosen. Also this is not the airport to airport distance.

Did the US win Guam from Japan?

The US originally obtained Guam when it was ceded to them by Spain after the Spanish/American war in 1898. Guam was invaded by Japan on December 8 1941 and recaptured on July 21 1944.

Can a US citizen live Guam?

Guam has been a posession of the United States since 1899, andUnited States Code Title 8 automatically grants US citizenship toeveryone who was born on Guam and continues to live there (or inanother US territory or state).

What did the US gain from taking control of Guam?

In taking control of Guam from Spain after the Spanish-AmericanWar, the US gained a base from which it could protect its interestsin the Far East (especially those in China, which at the time hadan 'Open Door Policy' on its economy and was divided into economicblocs by several European nations), as (MORE)