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The reason water freezes is that as heat energy leaves the water, the water molecules move more slowly. Ice crystals begin to form a solid lattice with higher cohesion between molecules. If the ice is reheated, it will lose its lattice structure and resume liquid form.
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Why does water freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit?

Why Water Freezes at 32 Degrees F ( or does it? )   The bottom line is that 32 degrees F is not the magic number you  have been told. Why? Because ice and water can exist

Why does water freeze after you shake it after being in the freezer?

  Supercooling occurs because, contrary to popular belief, water can exist as a liquid below its natural freezing point if it has no surface or seed on which to crystalize

What does water freeze at?

It freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, or at 0 degrees Celsius at sea  level.

Why does water freeze so fast?

Because water is soluble, it evaporates at a much faster rate.  Because of this, it also freezes at quite a quick rate.

When does water freeze?

Answer For Celsius it is 0. It is 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why does water freeze and turn into ice?

Water exists in three states. The states are solid, liquid, and vapor. The difference between the states is the amount of HEAT the water contains, not the temperature. The hea

Why does water freeze faster than other liquid?

It depends what other liquids there are. If the other liquid is less dense, then the other liquid will freeze faster, otherwise, water would freeze faster.

Why does water freeze and melt at 0 degrees celsius?

For ice to melt it must absorb heat energy to break down the molecular lattice structure. For water to freeze it must be able to lose heat energy. So whether the water is melt

Why does water freeze faster than soda?

because soda is carbonated and carbonation creates energy so if water doesn't have carbonation it doesn't have energy and energy makes liquids go slow:)
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Why does water freeze faster than water with vinegar?

Colligative properties. Specifically, freezing point depression. Almost everything freezes at a lower temperature when it's impure than when it's pure.

Why does water freeze faster than dishwashing liquid?

The dishwashing liquid cannot freeze, only the water and other liquids that are solvents, which will solidify at a given temperature. However, water that contains solutes (o