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The reason water freezes is that as heat energy leaves the water, the water molecules move more slowly. Ice crystals begin to form a solid lattice with higher cohesion between molecules. If the ice is reheated, it will lose its lattice structure and resume liquid form.
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Why does water freeze before alcohol?

The freezing point of alcohol is much lower (colder) than the freezing point of water. The freezing point of water is 0 °C, but the freezing point of ethanol is -114 °C.

Why does water freeze faster?

because water is generally cold unless heated in a kettle. Coffee on the other hand is warm when you make it so if the water is colder to start with it will take less time to

Why does water freeze specifically?

it freezes because the degrees of the coldness makes the degress of the normal temperature of the water be cold which makes thet water frozen cause of the chemicals and molecu

Why does water freeze at 0 degrees?

It does not freeze because it is zero degrees. It freezes because there is little enough heat in the surrounding atmosphere that the heat in the water radiates away, making it

Why does water freeze before juice?

Because juice is mostly a solution of water, sugar, & other compounds. These other compounds added to water lowers the freezing point so it will freeze at a lower temperature
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Why does water freeze and turn into ice?

Water exists in three states. The states are solid, liquid, and vapor. The difference between the states is the amount of HEAT the water contains, not the temperature. The hea