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Why does water put out fire even it is made of oxygen that can develop fire and hydrogen that is an explosive gas?

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Water is what is known as a compound; that is, a completely different substance made out of different base elements. Compounds often have strange behaviours that their elements do not normally have. For instance, hydrogen sulfide is made of hydrogen gas (an odorless explosive gas) and sulfur (an odorless yellow metal), but in combination it produces something which stinks of rotten eggs!

For water to contribute to a fire, it would have to be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen. This occurs only during electrolysis. This is, however, one of the reasons why you should not throw water onto an electrical fire!
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Water is formed by the explosive reaction between hydrogen gas and oxygen gas?

Yes water is made from one part Oxygen and two parts Hydrogen. If one were to mix pure Oxygen and Pure hydrogen in these proportions and then set a spark, there would be an

How is it possible then for water which is composed of hydrogen and oxygen to put out fires?

The bonds between the hydrogen and oxygen is too strong to be destroyed by combustion. Add: The chemical properties of water are different from the properties of hydrogen and

Why water extinguishes fire as oxygen is a supporter of combustion and hydrogen is flammable?

Water is not a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen; it is a compound in  which hydrogen and oxygen have combined to form molecules of a new  substance with its own properties. It

Oxygen and hydrogen helps to fire then why water prevent fire?

The electrons in the oxygen and hydrogen have a high amount of energy which is released when the oxygen and hydrogen combine to form water. The electrons are in a more stable
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Why does water extinguishes fire even though it is made from hydrogen and oxygen where oxygen helps in burning and hydrogen burns itself?

Good Question.   Long Answer: Basically, just because a chemical is made of two flammable elements does not mean that it will share the same properties. Basically, the Hy
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Hydrogen is inflammable and oxygen is supporter of fire but still water does no gets fire instead it extinguish fire WHY?

Hydrogen burns because it has a very high stored chemical energy. It has few outer electrons and needs to share some to become stable. Oxygen supports fire because it has a ve

Why water can remove oxygen in putting out fire?

Water does not put out a fire by removing oxygen. The main mechanism is by reducing heat. However, with a dense deluge of water, oxygen may be restricted to a degree but it is