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Where is Germany?

Germany is situated in central Europe. To the North is the Baltic Sea, the North Sea. Here is a list of these countries: To the North: Denmark To the West: France, Luxem (MORE)
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What is Germany?

Germany is a federal republic in Central Europe, east of France and  west of Poland. It was divided into West Germany and East Germany  (Warsaw Pact) during the Cold War (19 (MORE)
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What is there to do in Germany?

what to do in Germany is unending. Munich historical sites. Nurenberg additional historical sites. Garmisch, just south of Munich. many quaint restaurants & hotels. No far fro (MORE)

When was Germany called Western Germany?

When there was an East Germany. East and West were commonly used terms for two separate states during the Cold War, their real titles were Federal Republic of Germany (for the (MORE)
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Why is the country Germany named Germany?

The name Germany come from the group of tribes that settled in Northern Europe who were collectively known ethically as Germanic due to customs and language. Germans, by the w (MORE)

What was Germany before it was Germany?

Prio to unification as the nation of Germany; the German states existed as a hodge podge of autonomous countries loosely unified under the name of the Holy Roman Empire.
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What is Germany about?

Germany is an awesome country! You might want to vist it one day. I definitely would want to visit Germany. It's has a great culture and really really pretty people!