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Is Mexico City called Mexico City or Mexico when in Mexico?

Mexico city its called: Mexico city or DF. DF means Federal District I beg to differ somewhat: It's both. Quite often, Mexicans say just "México" to refer to Mexico Cit (MORE)
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How did Mexico get the name Mexico?

because after mexico got its independence from spain in september 1821 they changed their name from new spain to mexico because after 300 hundred years of spanish rule mexico (MORE)

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Where is Mexico?

Mexico is south of the United States. It is situated at about 23° N and 102° W in southern North America and largely on the Middle American isthmus, Mexico is bounded to the (MORE)
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Is The Virus From Mexico City In Mexico?

Update: No. Currently there are more cases of swine flu in other countries - the US, Argentina - that there are in Mexico. Mostly, yes, the swine flu is just in Mexico. Ther (MORE)

Is Mexico city New Mexico?

No. Mexico City is the capital of the country of Mexico. Some cities within the state of New Mexico include Albuquerque, Roswell, Santa Fe or Las Cruces, but no "Mexico City" (MORE)