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Are there rats in Alaska?

No, i live in Alaska there are no rats. this is the only place in  the world that doesn't have rats. We keep our ports and borders  clean from rats so they can't get in here (MORE)

Does Alaska have a desert?

Not true! There are indeed deserts in Alaska. The largest, Great  Kobuk Sand Dunes, is also a National Park. However, it is not a  true desert.
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Where is Sicily Alaska?

Sicily, Alaska is a fictional town in the American TV program  Northern Exposure which ran for 6 seasons in the 1990's.

Where is barrow Alaska located in Alaska?

Barrow is located on the "North Slope" of Alaska. It's in the northern most part of the state on barren tundra land. It is also located by many large oil fields and that is pr (MORE)

Where is Alaska?

Next to eastern Russia, it is property of the United States. Or: On the very west end of Canada, but belongs to the United States of America. Alaska is the largest state (MORE)

What is Alaska like?

Alaska is the most beautiful place you will ever go to. The winters can be terrible though. (I personally love them). The summers have a mixture of thematures. Some places hav (MORE)

Why did they name Alaska Alaska?

The name of Alaska was already introduced during the time of Russian rule (Аляска). It is derived from the Aluet alaxsxaq. Which means "the mainland" or more literally, (MORE)