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How old are the Alps?

They began forming about 65 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous. They were modified by glaciation during the ice ages, but are far older than 10000-12000 years. The (MORE)
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What flowers are in the alps?

There are Rusty-leaved Alpenrose,Edelweiss,Stemless Gention,Alpine Drarf Orchid, Alpine Pasque-flower,Alpine Rock Jasmine and glacier buttercup.

What continent are the alps in?

The Alps are in Europe, they are in France, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria. Italy and Slovenia. Highest peak in France, and in the whole of the Alps: Mont Blan (MORE)
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What jobs do they do in the alps?

In the winter many people are employed to work as ski instructors, lift operators, search and rescue and maintenance personnel, chalet hosts and hotel staff. Local people who (MORE)
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How are the alps formed?

The Alps were formed as a result of plate movements of the Earth's crust. Africa pushed north into Europe, and as a result the Alps formed. This is still happening, and th (MORE)
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Advantages of the alps?

The Alps are a large mountain range in Europe. The advantages are  lots of snow for skiing, as well as a diverse system of wildlife.
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What is the length of the Alps?

It measures about 960 km (597 mi), starting from the France through Italy, Switzerland, Germany and finally ending in Austria in an arc.  
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What countries are in the Alps?

The Alps run through eight countries in south-central Europe. They start at Mediterranean sea and run north following the border between France and Italy. They then run east t (MORE)

Are the alps in the Netherlands?

Not in Netherlands. The Alps stretching over 08 Alpine countries  approximately than 1,200 Km. The eight countries of the Alpine  territory as below.    Austria.  Slo (MORE)