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What can you hear in Antarctica?

When one walks away from the scientific stations where there are people and equipment, there is no sound, except for wind, which blows most of the time. Sometimes on these wa (MORE)

Is there Gold in Antarctica?

There is gold in Antarctica, but it is not believed to be present in large quantities sufficient to warrant mining. In addition, there is a worldwide ban on any sort of mining (MORE)

Why is Antarctica called Antarctica?

Arctic is the term for the north pole ice. The north polar regions are called the Arctic, a word that supposedly descends from a Greek word for "bear;" the extreme north was t (MORE)

How do tourists get to Antarctica?

There are 2 ways to get to Antarctica. Either ship or airplane. Ship is more luxurious and scenic. Plane is sometimes not recommended because of the many weather related risks (MORE)

Why is there no government in Antarctica?

There is no government in Antarctica because the continent does not belong to any country. Several countries claim territorial rights to portions of Antarctica, but any scie (MORE)

Does antarctica have penguins?

yes it does
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Is there an ATM in Antarctica?

We found at least one, and according to the credit card locator,  you can find an ATM here:    WELLS FARGO BANK   MCMURDO BAY BLDG 155   MCMURDO,   Locatio (MORE)

When is Antarctica the biggest?

Actually, as a continent, Antarctica does not change in size.   However, 98% of it is covered with an ice sheet. During the winter,  when the Southern Ocean sea ice freez (MORE)