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What did Aristotle believe?

He believed that the Earth was the center of the Solar System     That all matter was composed of earth, fire, water, and air    /  
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What Aristotles contribution?

Aristotles contributions are many!!!! He contributed to the arts (wrote plays, music, discources on plays and music.....). He wrote on the subject of metaphysics, and was very (MORE)

Did Aristotle have children?

Aristotle married Pythias, the adopted daughter of Hermias who ruled the area. They had one daughter. They named the daughter Pythias also after her mother
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How is Aristotle famous?

Aristotle is famous due to the following reasons- 1. He made super contributions in physics as well as astronomy. 2. He is the father of biology. 3. He founded the sciences o (MORE)

Who was Aristotle?

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and teacher who formulated thebasis for much of today's modern science. Aristotle was born in Stageira; a Greek Colony When in Macedonia,in (MORE)

Was aristotle a mathematician?

  Well I'm Certain he used his Mathematical Skills when he figured out the Earth was in the Center of the Universe, and the Sun, moon, and planets all revolved around it. (MORE)

What did Aristotle have to do with pi?

He was the first one to calculate the value of pi   * * * * *    Actually, Aristotle did not have much to do with pi. It was  Archimedes who was the first to make (MORE)

Was Aristotle wealthy?

Yes he was. In Nicomachean Ethics, he states that wealth does not bring happiness, but this is only because he was a wealthy and that was not a factor for him to achieve. "Ha (MORE)