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Where is Athens?

Athens is the capital of Greece, which is in the southeast of Europe. See the maps below.
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What is Athens?

The Capital city of Greece Athens is a Greek city and Greece's capital today and a niceplace
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Who were the Athens?

If the question was "Who were the Athenians?" The answer is the people who lived in the Greek city of Athens. If the question was "Who was Athena", the answer is: Athena wa (MORE)

What is Athen?

Not Athen, Athens. It was a city in Ancient Greece. They had the first Olympics.
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Who was Athene?

She was the goddess of wisdom. Her symbol is the owl. She helped mankind develop many useful skills. She popped out of Zeus's head after he swallowed a Titan.
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What is an athene?

The goddess of art in ancient Greece LOL FAIL Athena is the goddess of art in ancient Greece, an athene is a Greek citizen.
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Why is the Athens named Athens?

The was a contest because Poseidon and Athena both wanted that city. Whoever gave the best gift got the city. Poseidon gave a river but it was salt water. Athena gave the firs (MORE)

Why Athens was named Athens?

Two Gods, Athena and Poseidon, fought over who got a city named after them. They decided that whom ever gave the mortals the best gift, won. Poseidon , God of the sea and eart (MORE)