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Is Athens dirty?

Athens, Greece is a very very very dirty place. I prefer that if  you ever go to Athens, bring a smog mask. There are also many bombs  and riots in Athens.   What I reco (MORE)

What did Athens trade?

papyrus, spices, fabrics, metals, ship building materials, linen pitch, grain. Also wine, pottery, and olive oil. Taken from Economy of Greece page on wikipedia. :D
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Where is Athens Greece?

Greece is located in the southern part of Europe and juts out into  the Mediterranean Sea between the southern end of Italy and the  western end of Turkey. The Greek capital (MORE)

Who was Athens enemies?

  that is easy for em to answer. it was the spartas. they were both alike, and worst enimies.
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What did Athena have to do with Athens?

  Answer   Athena competed with Poseidon to be the patron deity of Athens. They agreed that each would give the Athenians one gift and the Athenians would choose whi (MORE)

Why is Athens plural?

The Greek singular is Athene (person of Athens) and the plural is Athenai -- so it is the city of the Athenians, or Athens. The modern name of Athens (Αθήνα, Athína) i (MORE)

What was the life in Athens?

For most men it was a hard grind in eking out a living as a farmer,  herder, fisherman, tradesman, merchant or slave. In spare time,  there were the theatre, the gymnasium, (MORE)

Who was athens conquered by?

  mecedonia conquered Athens in MID- 330s   Athens was conquered by Philip II of Macedon. This happened in 338  BC.
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What did men do in Athens?

Men in Athens were the ones who earned the income and put food on the table. If there was a family business it would be run by the males or they had jobs in trades including c (MORE)