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What does a catcher do in baseball?

The catcher is the position of the man who sits behind home-plate.  He wears gear consisting of a cup, chest guard, mask, and leg  protectors. The catcher also has a specifi (MORE)

What is a put out in baseball?

  A putout in baseball is the person who has the ball when the out is made.   example:   on a strike out the putout goes to the catcher   on a ground out to the 1 (MORE)

Why do baseballs have seams?

  Answer   It allows the pitcher to impart spin on the ball. If balls were seamless it would be like trying to curve a raquetball. Although you can put a lot of sp (MORE)

What is baseball?

Baseball is a game where a pitcher throws the ball over the home  plate and between the batter's knees to their lower chest. If the  ball is not of those rules, the pitch is (MORE)

What were the rules of baseball when baseball was invented?

The only rules used at the beginning of baseball were roughly these:there are two teams,an object is thrown towards the "batter",the batter hits it with something,the batter r (MORE)

When is baseball season?

MLB in the USA, the most popular league runs from April to late October/early November. Actually, baseball doesnt go into november! end of october is the world series!
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How do you score a point in baseball baseball?

Well in baseball you score runs. There is many ways you can score a run. Here are some ways: 1.) Homerun, 2.) A triple and then someone hits a single/double/homerun/sac fly, 3 (MORE)

What size is a baseball?

It is 9.00-9.25 inches (228.60-234.95 mm) in circumference (2.86-2.94 in or 72.64-74.68 mm  in diameter) and masses from 5.00 to 5.25  ounces (141.75 to 148.83 g) a baseball (MORE)