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What is baseball?

Baseball is a game where a pitcher throws the ball over the homeplate and between the batter's knees to their lower chest. If theball is not of those rules, the pitch is count ( Full Answer )
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What are baseballs?

A baseball is a ball that is used to play the game of baseball with
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What is an out in baseball?

Answer . According to MLB Rule 2.00:. "An OUT is one of the three required retirements of an offensive team during its time at bat.". There are many ways an out can be ( Full Answer )
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What is baseball for?

Baseballlis a game for those those wholike basketball but arereally bad or people who like football and don't want to playphysical.
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How do you get out in baseball?

At bat - Strikes - 3 attempts at hitting the pitched ball with the bad and missing three times, not necessarily in a row. . Fly ball - After hitting the ball it is caught wit ( Full Answer )
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When did baseball was from?

It was formed by Alexander Cartwright in 1800's. He wrote a book with all the rules in it.
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What do you do in baseball?

\nyou hit the ball with a bat and you catch the ball with the glove and you throw the ball with your arm. sounds complicated, i know
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What does a baseball do?

a baseball is what you try to hit in the game of baseball. if the baseball hits you you are out and if it gooes over the wall you are out. it is like the football in football
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What does baseball have?

Baseball has multiple players on a diamond, or baseball field, playing against an equal number of players. 1 pitcher, 1 catcher, 4 infielders, 3 outfielders and 4 bases.
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How did baseball get to where it is?

Alexander Cartwright invented baseball. Sort of, he made a version of it. Over time baseball reps have tinkered with the rules and make changes where they feel is necessary. L ( Full Answer )