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How do you describe Beijing?

  It would take hours to even scratch the surface, but in a nutshell:   Beijing is the political and cultural heart, and one of the few economic centers of China. It is (MORE)

How do you spell Beijing?

That is the correct spelling of Beijing, the capital city of China (People's Republic of China). Older and alternate English spellings of the city name are Yanjing, Peiping, a (MORE)

Does it snow in Beijing-?

It snows in Beijing, China in the winter. Temperatures may fall as  low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Size of Beijing?

  It is approximately (6,564 sq mi/17,000 sq km). Source:
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What provinces are in Beijing?

  There are no Provinces in Beijing. Beijing is a city in China. The interesting part is Beijing isn't in a Province as it is a federally operated city. Another example is (MORE)
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What does Beijing mean?

Beijing means North Capital in English    Bei = Small Jing = Capital
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Why called Beijing?

Beijing, a capital city of China, was initially referred as Peking  (meaning Northern Capital) so as to distinguish it from Nanjing  (Southern Capital). Prior to 1958, the g (MORE)
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When was Beijing found?

if you mean when was it founded that would be around 3 thousand years ago
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