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How do you describe Beijing?

  It would take hours to even scratch the surface, but in a nutshell:   Beijing is the political and cultural heart, and one of the few economic centers of China. It is (MORE)
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What is Beijing known for?

The architectural art of tall buildings was highly developed in ancient China, dating back to the Warring States Period (475-221BC). Among them, the classical Chinese Lou, whi (MORE)

Why called Beijing?

Beijing, a capital city of China, was initially referred as Peking  (meaning Northern Capital) so as to distinguish it from Nanjing  (Southern Capital). Prior to 1958, the g (MORE)

What can you do in Beijing?

I am an expat, living and working in Beijing for 7 years now. Beijing is a good place to: See some tourist sites: Great Wall, Forbidden City, TianAnMen, Hutongs, See som (MORE)

Where is Beijing?

Beijing is the capital of China. The Great Wall which is known by people all the world is located in Beijing,China. If you would like to travel Beijing, it's a good choice
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What rhymes with Beijing?

1 syllable: bing, bling, bring, ching, cling, ding, dring, fling, ging, gring, hing, ing, jing, king, kling, kring, ling, lyng, ming, ng, ning, ping, pring, qing, ring, ringe (MORE)