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Why does Belgium exist?

Belgium exits Because Spain didn't want to lose the 17 Netherlands in a revolt and invaded the place. The Current Belgian-Dutch border is where the Dutch stopped the Spanish. (MORE)

Map of Belgium?

  Go on to google and type in map of will find hundreds   Go on to google and type in map of will find hundreds
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Where is Belgium?

In Europe, with France to the west, The Netherlands to the northeast and Germany to the east and south. See the related link for a map and more information.
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Is Belgium in Holland?

No. Belgium is a separate country, south of The Netherlands. Holland (The correct term is actually 'The Netherlands', North and South Holland are just two of the provinces) di (MORE)

What is the Belgium landscape?

It's a small country, and with 10 million people living in it.... There are a lot of buildings and houses everywhere. But on the countryside and in the South of Belgium there (MORE)

Who is the President of Belgium?

The present of Belgium is Albert II and the current prime minister is Yves Leterme. His name is Discaveri minovsi, i learnt about ir in history.No, I'm from Belgium and we d (MORE)

Is Belgium unilingual?

  No. In the region of Flanders (North) people speak Dutch, in most of Wallonia (South), people speak French and in the very east of Wallonia there are a few towns (Eupen, (MORE)
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What is belgiums climate?

An average climate with four seasons. Average temperatures during winter of 4 degrees Celsius and in summer 18 degrees. Average day temperatures are from 5 to 22 degrees. (MORE)