Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and home to 1.8 million people who speak French and Dutch. Brussels is home to the headquarters of the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

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Quelle est la capitale de la Belgique?

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Bruxelles est la capitale de la Belgique.
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What is the distance from Frankfurt to Brussels?

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Distance: The distance between Frankfurt, Germany and Brussels, Belgium is 194 miles (313 km). The driving distance from Frankfurt to Brussels is 399 km - about 3 hours 39 mins. Flight: Frankfurt (FRA) to Brussels (BRU) Flight Duration 55 mins
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What is the absolute location of Brussels Belgium?

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50 degrees 50 minutes 48 seconds N 4 degrees 21 minutes 9 seconds E
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Does Brussels have a Red Light District?

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Yes, Brussels does have a red light district very similar to Amsterdam in appearance located one block north of Brussels Nord train station. It only encompasses one long street, as opposed to Amsterdam's labrynth of alleys and canals filled with windowgirls. A standard 'session' costs €40 in Brussels, compared to €50 in Amsterdam.
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What is the distance from Waterloo Belgium to Brussels Belgium?

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== == The distance from Waterloo to Brussels, Belgium is 8 mi/13 km
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What is the capital of Belgium?

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The capital of Belgium is Brussels. In French, it is Bruxelles; in Flemish, it is Brussel.
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What is the road mile distance between Brussels and Normandy?

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The driving distance is approximately 490 road miles - about 7.5 hours of driving time, depending on your average speed and what route(s) you take.
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What is the distance between Amsterdam and Brussels?

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*Flight Amsterdam (AMS) to Brussels (BRU) Shortest Flight Duration 50 mins *Driving 208 km (about 2 hours 8 mins) *Direct from Amsterdam to Brussels 106 miles (171 km) (92 nautical miles)
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How long will it take to get from Gare Montparresse to Gare est on the metro in Paris?

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== == from Rail station to metro station 3 minutes direction Porte de Clignancourt (line 4) metro train 14 minutes from metro station to rail station 3 minutes
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How many miles is it from Seattle to Brussels Belgium?

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The distance '''between Seattle, Washington and '''Brussels, Belgium is '''4950 miles (7966 km).'''''''''
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How do you get to Deauville in Normandy France from Brussels?

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From Brussels, Belgium to Deauville, France it is 431 km or about 4 hours 10 mins. 1. Head south on Verboeckhavenstraat toward Molenstraat 0.2 km 2. Turn right at Uurplaatstraat 0.1 km 3. Turn left at Warmoesstraat 0.4 km 1 min 4. Slight left at Verbondsstraat 0.1 km 5. Turn right at N2a/Scailquinstraat Continue to follow N2a 0.1 km 1 min 6. Slight right to merge onto R20/R20a/Sterrenkundelaan Continue to follow R20 6.5 km 9 mins 7. Continue on A10 0.4 km 8. Take the exit toward E19/Bergen/Charleroi 1.6 km 1 min 9. Merge onto R0 25.9 km 13 mins 10. Continue on A7/E19 (signs for Paris/Mons/Charleroi/Liège/Namur/E19) Entering France 60.8 km 32 mins 11. Continue straight onto A2 Partial toll road 76.3 km 40 mins 12. Take the exit onto A1 Toll road 19.0 km 10 mins 13. Take the exit onto A29/E44 toward Rouen/Amiens Partial toll road 34.0 km 18 mins 14. Take the exit toward A29 0.2 km 15. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Rouen/Calais/Paris/Amiens-Centre/Amiens-Sud and merge onto A29 Partial toll road 10.9 km 6 mins 16. Take the exit onto A16/A29 toward Calais/Rouen/Amiens-Ouest Toll road 3.9 km 2 mins 17. Take the exit toward Le Havre/Rouen/Dieppe/Poix-de-Picardie Toll road 0.9 km 1 min 18. Merge onto A29 Toll road 57.4 km 29 mins 19. Take the exit onto A28/E402 toward Le Havre/Rouen/Dieppe/Neufchâtel-en-Bray 21.2 km11 mins 20. Take the exit onto A29 toward Le Havre/Caen Toll road 36.7 km 19 mins 21. Take the exit onto A29 Toll road 56.9 km 32 mins 22. Take exit 2 toward Deauville/Trouville Toll road 0.7 km 1 min 23. At the roundabout, take the 5th exit onto D144 heading to Deauville-Trouville/Pont-l'Evêque Go through 1 roundabout 5.1 km 5 mins 24. Slight left at D579 0.7 km 1 min 25. Turn right at D288 2.6 km 2 mins 26. Turn right at D74 Go through 2 roundabouts 7.3 km 9 mins 27. Turn right at D74/Rue du Général de Gaulle 71 m 28. At the roundabout, take the 4th exit onto D513/Pont des Belges Continue to follow D513 0.2 km 29. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Place Louis Armand Go through 1 roundabout 0.2 km 1 min 30. Slight left to stay on Place Louis Armand 66 m 31. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Avenue de la République/D513 0.6 km 1 min To:Deauville, France
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Where is red light district in Brussels?

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Two areas include, both near the Gare du Norde metro station: Rue de Brabant and Rue d'Aarschot, as well as Boulevard Albert II and Rue de Matheus. Then, a few blocks south, is the Grote Markt.
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Climate and terrain of Brussels Belgium?

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The terrain of belgium is coastal plians, rolling hills, densely wooded, and very scenic!
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What is Belgium's size in square miles?

User Avatar "Total: 30,528 sq km Land: 30,278 sq km Water: 250 sq km Comparative: About the size of Maryland" "For the non-metric readers, 30,528 km2 = 11787 square miles"
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Which continent is Brussels in?

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Brussels is the capital of Belgium, a country in Western Europe. Brussels is in Belgium, and Belgium is in Europe.
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How many miles is Bonn from Brussels?

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Approximate distance in miles from Bonn to Brussels is 118 miles or 190 Kilometers
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Distance between Brussels and spa francorchamps circuit?

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The distance from Brussels International Airport is 110 km.
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How long is it he flight from Brussels to Lisbon?

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2hr 50min to 3hr 00min Brussels (BRU) to Lisbon (LIS) by a nonstop flight operated by TAP Portugal or Brussels Airlines.