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What did Bob Marley die from?

Bob Marley died as a result of melanoma (a type of skin cancer) which was initially discovered in 1977 after a football (soccer) accident which resulted in the nail of Marley' (MORE)

Why did Bob Marley go by bob?

Bob Marley went by many names growing up. However, how he started going by Bob is when he went to the United States the first time, the person who was filling out his passport (MORE)

Who Bob Marley is?

Jamaican singer who's most famous song is three little birds lyrics: don't worry about a thing because every little thing is gonna be alright

What is bob Marley about?

Bob Marley, is all about love, peace and religion. He wants the world to be "One Love" as his hit single describes(:
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Bob Marleys kids?

Bob Marley had a total of 14 children. A few of his children's  names are Ziggy, Stephen, Damien, Sharon, and Rohan.

Did Bob Marley ever get high?

  Bob Marley did not keep his use of marijuana a secret by any means. When he finally succumbed to cancer and was buried near his birthplace, a Cannabis bud among other th (MORE)

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