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Where is Boston?

Boston is located in the eastern-most part of the state of Massachusetts on the east coast of the United States. .,+MA,+USA&hl=en&sll=42 (MORE)

Did the Boston massacre happen in Boston?

Yes. On March 5, 1770 a Captain Preston led a group of soldiers to the aid of a lone sentry facing a hostile crowd of beligerent colonists outside the Custom House. It is not (MORE)
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What to do in Boston?

Boston's many historical and modern attractions mean you'll find lots to do. . Walk along Boston's historic Freedom Trail to see sites related to the early Puritans and Rev (MORE)
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Is Boston cream pie from Boston?

Actually, Boston cream pie is named for Boston where it originated at the Parker House hotel where they also came up with Parker rolls!
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What you can do in Boston?

you can see any historical site there or catch a baseball game Answer: I've heard Massachusetts is a great place to vacation. Boston is supposed to be a lot of fun and t (MORE)
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Why is the city Boston called Boston?

beacuase Massachusetts wanted there on place then ri changed Massachusetts for Boston but theres still a little bit of Massachusetts in cranston ri

Where is Boston in?

Boston is in Lincolnshire, on the east coast of England. This is the original Boston. There are many other places named after the original Boston in other parts of the worl (MORE)
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What was the Boston?

The bostonmassacre happened march 5, 1770 and it was a war between a crowd ofpeople and the british troops, in boston massachusetts and it wasabout how there was a crowed that (MORE)