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Why is the day after Christmas called Boxing Day?

Boxing Day - December 26th - is the feastday of Saint Stephen, andis called St Stephen's Day and is part of the Christian season ofChristmas. Boxing Day got that name because (MORE)

When is Boxing Day in Australia?

Boxing Day in Australia is December 26 in all states and territories. Some sources may report that December 26 is Proclamation Day, not Boxing Day, in South Australia. To co (MORE)

What day is Boxing Day celebrated?

Boxing Day is always 26 December. In England it is a Public Holiday, although if 26 December is a Saturday or Sunday the following Monday is made a Holiday. In the 19th Cent (MORE)

What do you do on boxing day?

Boxing day is some how traditional but on boxing day expensive stuff that you would like would be less expensive and you can get the stuff you would like that is what you do o (MORE)

What does the phrase 'Boxing Day' stand for?

Boxing day is the day after christmas, with a few different stories about its origins: - The day that everything was boxed up after Christmas, when you pulled down all the dec (MORE)

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