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Are things cheaper on boxing day?

In some countries like Canada, Yes! Things are a lot cheaper on boxing day. But not all stuff will be cheap; latest stuff will not be cheaper (E.g) A Sony LCD Bravia model 200 (MORE)

When did boxing day become a bank holiday?

Despite previous historical interpretation, Boxing Day became a Bank Holiday named in the Bank Holidays Act of 1871. The other days were, Easter Monday, Whit Monday and the Fi (MORE)

Is mcdonalds open on boxing day?

Yes it is. Maccies is open on Boxing Day in Australia at all of the branches.
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Is pets at home open on boxing day?

Pets at Home is open on Boxing Day. To find out the exact hours,  one should contact their local Pets at Home store.
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Is boxing day the same as Black Friday?

I think in a way they are...I mean they both are days for discounts and shopping in America and Canada
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How much destruction did the boxing day tsunami do?

it had wiped countries closest to the Indian ocean and the death toll altogether of the boxing day tsunami was a shocking 250,000 people. 2 million people were left homeless. (MORE)