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Why is hobbes so cute of Calvin and hobbes?

He's supposed to be cute; Tat's what Watterson wanted him to be.   He's cute because he is a furry lovable animal with total freedom to be his own playful, childlike self. (MORE)

Why did Bill Watterson stop writing Calvin and Hobbes?

Bill Watterson ended Calvin and Hobbes when he felt like he wanted to pursue other endeavors in his life. The final cartoon of Calvin and Hobbes is him heading out with his to (MORE)

What was the first Calvin and hobbes book?

Bill Waterson's first book, a collection of the comics seen in the newspapers, was called "Calvin and Hobbes" and was printed in 1987.  -------------------------------------- (MORE)

Is the creator of Calvin and Hobbes dead?

Bill Watterson is the author of Calvin and Hobbes, and he is still alive. However, he has retired from making more famous Calvin and Hobbes comic strips or books.
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What is Calvin and Hobbes?

Calvin and Hobbes is a comic strip created by Bill Watterson. It is a comic strip about a boy and his stuffed tiger, The boy (Calvin) pretends that his tiger is real. It is fu (MORE)

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