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What is a catfish?

Catfish are generally large freshwater fish with whiskers used for feeling for food and smelling in the water.
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Why are catfish called catfish?

I would have to say because of the whiskers an also purr like a cat, i know it sounds a little silly but if you every catch one you will understand
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What is catfish?

A catfish is a type of ray-finned fish that has certaincharacteristics. They are noted for having long, whisker-likebarbels on their heads, though not every catfish has these. (MORE)
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What does a catfish do?

A catfish swims in a ocean or pond or lake or whatever cat fish like to do/swim in.
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Why do catfish eat smaller catfish?

because regular cats have babys and sometimes the male cat eats the babys,. South American Red tailed Catfish eat Corydoras. Tiger Shovelnose eat small pleco and corydoras. (MORE)
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What can you do when you get bit by a catfish?

are you talking about getting bit by a catfish or getting finned by a catfish? If you get bit, pull your hand out :) If you get finned, roll the catfish over and rub the are (MORE)
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How long is catfish?

The term'catfish' belongs to a family of fish that can be as smallas a cory catfish, which is about 2 inches, or the size of achannel catfish, which can be between 1 & 2 feet (MORE)
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Why a catfish is called a catfish?

Catfish is a name actually founded in Rome where a cat ate a mans fish so there for it's name is catfish. The Romans first called it "cafi" and now we have adapted it to catfi (MORE)
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Will catfish injure other catfish?

I have three bristlenose catfish, one old male that has been alone all his life, and two young females. when I moved the females in, I moved in three other catfish, a bit bigg (MORE)
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What is catfishing?

Catfishing is defined in Webster's Dictionary as: "a person whosets up a false personal profile on a social networking site forfraudulent or deceptive purposes."