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What happened with censorship?

Answer . At what time and where? Censorship has been used for many different reasons in many different places in several times. It was used in the 1700s and 1800s to prevent ( Full Answer )
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What is censorship?

Censorship is the editing of material from a written or visual presentation. Sometimes the word "censored" is used to indicate that material was removed in the interest of mor ( Full Answer )
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Are you for or against censorship?

Personally, I am against censorship. Parents and young adults should have the choice to read these books or not. If you don't want to you don't have to. My point being this is ( Full Answer )
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Cons of censorship?

Our freedom of speech is compromised *can intrude on the privacy of people *can compromise our entertainment value in books and movies *it can control people *it gives ( Full Answer )
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What is censorship on WikiAnswers?

Censorship on WikiAnswers is basically keeping an eye out for inappropriate comments and removing them. Opinions are not censored, everyone is encouraged to post their answers ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of censorship?

"Censorship" is the process of inspecting letters, books, plays and suchlike and removing words or parts that offend the authorities.
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What are the advantages of censorship?

there are not many advantages for censorship. One advantage is that it blocks illegal parts of the body. Another advantage is that it bands porn websites
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What does censorship have to do with art?

Censorship is nothing more than an imaginary line. nobody really knows when its been crossed but once someone complains.... and art is interpretive... one person hears fine mu ( Full Answer )
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Why should there not be censorship?

That's odd. Usually people ask why is censorship available. The reason why to go against censorship is for the right of freedom of speech. Where I'm from, it's a given to have ( Full Answer )
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Why shouldn't there be censorship?

If sex-related topics are completely censored it becomes difficult to teach children and teenagers about the dangers of HIV/AIDS. . Dictators and dictatorship use it to promo ( Full Answer )