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Postal code of chandigarh India?

Diffrent postal codes in chandigarh as per sectors.i.e Sec-46,47,48,49's postal code is 160047 because here is one post office in sec-47 no other post office is neraby in all (MORE)
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Rank of uiet chandigarh?

it's ALL INDIA RANK in BE courses is around 18th it is mor favoured due to its location in chandigarh but prefer only if you are getting (MECH,CS,ECEor EEE these are best in u (MORE)
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Who was the architect of Chandigarh?

Firstly, Mathew Nowincki and Albert Mayer of America were two architects who started designing the master plan of chandigarh but due to death of Mathew Nowincki in a plane cra (MORE)
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Why chandigarh is capital of two states?

because there has been dispute over chandigarh between haryana and punjab.. ..there was a deal of giving 2 cotton districts of punjab to haryana if chandigarh was given to pun (MORE)
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Who is the chief minister of chandigarh?

Chandigarh is a Union Territory and is hence directly ruled by the Central Government. A lieutenant Governor or Administrator is appointed by the President to each Union Ter (MORE)
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Why was chandigarh made?

Chandigarh was made after the separation of Pakistan and India. It was made because the capital of Punjab was Lahore and after the division Lahore shifted to Pakistan and Pun (MORE)
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What is the official language of Chandigarh?

Hindi is the official language of Chandigarh. Punjabi language alsohas equal stature in Govt offices. Though it is not mandatory toknow reading/writing Punjabi language for a (MORE)
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Who is DC of chandigarh?

Chandigarh is a union terriotry and city that is located in India. It is near the foothills of the Himalayas, Shivalik range. There is no DC of Chandigarh.