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Who was Charlemagne?

Actually Charlemagne was a very powerful frankish King. Charlemagne added to his land and gained more and more power. He helped bring Europe out of the Dark Ages. By the time (MORE)

What did Charlemagne do?

Charlemagne extended the borders of the Kingdom of the Franks to the east and south, gaining great tracts of territory. So doing, he turned the Kingdom of the Franks into a gr (MORE)

What is charlemagne?

A year before charlemagne died in 814, he crowned his only surviving son, Louis the Pious, as emperor. Louis was a devoutly religious man. He might have fared better as a mo (MORE)

Who crowned Charlemagne?

Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne as emperor on Christmas Day, 800, in St. Peter's Basilica, Rome. He was given the title " Imperator Romanorum", or "Emperor of the Romans" (MORE)

How did Charlemagne?

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How is Charlemagne a barbarian?

There are different definitions of barbarian. One of these is a person who is regarded as culturally inferior; according to this definition, a Roman or Greek might have consid (MORE)

Why was he called Charlemagne?

His given name was Charles in French, Karl in German, or Carolus in Latin, with some variation in spelling. He was given a title equivalent to "the Great." So in German he is (MORE)